Quick How to Use or Set the Depth on a Bosch Plunge Router -a Tutorial on One of the Best Routers

How To Use Bosch Colt Plunge Base A 3 Minute Overview of how to use the Bosch Colt Plunge Base The first step is to take this little micro adjuster right here and Turn it so it's got a little gap here. In other words we don't want that all the way up to the top. If we have it all the way at the top then we won't be able to do a micro adjustment later,. With that in place, find the lowest spot on your turret and get that underneath the rod Plunge your router down to the top of the workpiece Push the rod down You might have to loosen this thumb screw.

Push the rod down to where it's touching that bottom plateau. I would tighten it for a second? So that you can move this plastic guide without moving the rod and line up the plastic guide up with zero Loosen Pull the rod up to the depth of the cut that you want. So if you're gonna cut a depth of 3/8, pull it up from zero to 3/8. You pull up the rod and not just the plastic. The plastic stays where it was (on the rod) Lock that in place Raise it now You're ready to do your to do a cut now. Because we're on the lowest one that would be our our 3rd 1/8th when we when we do a route. Then if I turn it one position That would be our 2/8ths. if I turn it one more, that would be 1/8th plunge. I turn it on. I plunge it down until I hit that platform.

I do my routing. Turn it off. Bring it up. You don't want to be trying to change this turret with this router bit spinning right there by your fingers Turn the turret to the next step down You start it while it's up in the air Plunge it. Do your routing. Turn it off. Release it. Turn it to the lowest spot on the turret. Turn it on Plunge down to that final spot Do your routing. Turn it off and bring it up. Those are the steps. Small Workshop Guy signing off!.

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