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hello it's nested in here in this video I'd like to show you how to quickly make your own custom designed furniture with poly board our cabinet software poly board is a very powerful piece of professional software and it's used around the world by many professional woodworking businesses in small shops and in big factories alike to design and manufacture their customers furniture and now as a member of our wood designer community you get to use poly board to design your own personal projects for free although very powerful and feature-rich poly board is very easy to use and there's an introduction to using poly board I'd like to show you how to quickly design a living room shelf unit now as you know there is an infinite number of ways to design and build furniture but if you're a novice designer a good way to start is to look on the internet and find a design that inspires you for our example video I've scanned around the internet and found this living room unit and let's use this as a basis for our design to see how to use poly board to design custom made to measure furniture I've added some dimensions for us to design too if you follow me through this example on your own computer don't forget to download to your hard disk the QuickStart template that I use in the video before you start you'll find this template in the members area of your wood design a website so if you've got your template let's start designing when you run poly board for the first time you should see a screen like this let's start by opening the QuickStart template that you should have downloaded from our wood designer template library let's go to the button here called open go to where you've loaded download your template select your template and click open and poly board will display the template on screen if we click right with our mouse mouse context menu that opens that enables us to zoom backwards and forwards pan across our view and at the bottom we also have a item called view angle if we click view angle we have a window that opens and if we click in that window with our mouse and drag we can change the angle of view of our model if we want new cabinets that we start making to have this same angle of view click here new cabinet default angle and every time you open a new cabinet it will display in this angle click OK and Polly board will show you your cabinet from your new angle see the model in 3d click on the 3d button here in 3d mode you can just click on the mouse and drag the model around and change the angle of view you also have the mouse menu is actually as you do in 2d by clicking right on the mouse you have the possibility of zooming forwards and backwards and panning across you can also zoom by rolling the central mouse wheel if you do have a wheel on your mouse and pan by pressing down on the mouse wheel here we have a textured view but we can also display the model in a transparent view if we click on this button here called hidden face perspective we will get a why of frame view and we will be able to see inside our cabinet and we can even see inside the different assembly details and we can see the hardware that's been used to join the boards together we can see here the hinges on the doors we have created a simple setup for this bit of furniture that tells Bali boards what material to use and how to join the boards together and what hardware to use if you'd like to use this setup for your future projects we can save the setup in a file do this we go to libraries and choose the option manufacturing methods in manufacturing methods now I have to click on the button called duplicate and poly board will create a file from the model which is called automatically here quick start 0 2 and if you click OK this will create a file but Polly board will save where we have all the different parameters and setup of our particular bit of furniture when Polly board says apply the method just click OK for second time now we've created the file that will tell Polly board to build any new furniture we make and use the same methods as a QuickStart template and now we're going to run through quickly how to create this living room unit from scratch let's close the template model just close the 3d window by clicking on the cross up here and let's close the 2d view as well and let's start with a completely new cabinet to do this just click on the button here new cabinet select box cabinet here and click OK to enter a box cabinet with the default dimensions if we look in 3d we can see that box cabinet is made of basic materials not the same materials as our template and if we look in transparent view we can see that there are practically no details at all for assembling this box we're going to apply to this box the manufacturing method or the setup the way we're going to build it that came from our template go into libraries manufacturing methods and in the list click quick start 0 to the file that you saved from our quick start template click OK and click OK to apply the method we can see that instantly poly board has changed the board thicknesses and has added all the assembly details to our box so that our box is now being made exactly like our template let's go now back into 2d and start editing and creating our own special design I've made a screen capture of this design which is here and I've added to my screen capture just the overall dimensions that I need to design to I need to make a unit that's 4 meters 20 long 4,200 millimeters long and 2 meters 15 or 2150 millimeters high and I need in the middle a space for my TV unit of 1250 millimeters so let's just put this drawing up here the time being and let's see how we make this design from our basic box that we've loaded on the right hand side we can see that there's a list and a list here shows the different properties of this particular box on the top here we have the dimensions of the box height width depth and the height of the are what we call an upper strip or a strip we can put along the top or elevation of the plinth let's just modify these parameters so that they fit our design specifications let's put the height as 2 meters 15 mm 150 millimeters and when I click out of the text box here you can see that poly board automatically sets the design to the right height this day is saying for the width 4500 poly borders made the box 4500 millimeters long let's add a plinth we can see here that there is a plinth on our model here now when you're making furniture like this sort of made to measure furniture don't forget to put a plinth it's always good to have a plinth on the bottom with you a bit of furniture so that it makes much easier to clean up around the bit of furniture and the dust doesn't go into the shelves so let's add a plinth here elevation of plinth let's put an elevation of the plinth of say 50 millimetres type 50 in here press the Enter button you see now bit of furnitures been raised up it's got a bit shorter by 50 mil if I move my mouse now underneath the furnace poly board is going to display a sort of pink zone when zonies pink and I click right and context menu comes up and in the context menu there's a list of things I can do in this zone one of the things is add plinth click on add plinth and let's just add a plinth around a bit of furniture here tick frontage plinth on the front and in the recess area type in 30 millimetres 30 tick back leave the recess at 0 tick lift type in 30 and click write as well type in 30 Pollock borders now created a plinth area underneath and added the plinth let's put my drawing down here on the floor and it's overlooking 3d what we have here we can see here the poly board has raised the bit of furniture up created a space underneath of 50 millimeters high and put in automatically a plinth at 30 millimeters from the front and from the ends let's have a look at what it looks like in textured mud and so our cabinet is starting to look a bit like what we need let's continue building here let's go back into 2d back in 2d and let's have a look at what we need let's move out poly board cabinet a bit over here okay let's see how we're going to continue designing this first thing we're going to do is we're going to separate this four meters 20 into two sections two equal parts with the vertical partition here move the mouse into the bit of furniture when it when the inner volume of the bit of furniture goes blue click the mouse and the volume goes darker blue and is selected click right and you'll get the context menu again and then the context menu this time click add upright once you have the add upright dialog box we have here the number of uprights that we're going to add and the way we're going to set it up this time just click OK poly borders now set it an upright dividing the inner volume by two let's do the same for this volume on the right here do it once again click right and upright divided by 2 now we have several sections here let's do the same in here and we have created the section on the right hand side of our unit here with a bigger section here and a smaller section in here which we are going to divide into shelves on the left hand side of our unit we need one up right here at 1 meter 25 1250 millimetres give enough space for our TV unit click the mouse in the Blue Zone on the Left open the context menu and again use the add up right but this time in the position zone of the IDE upright dialog box click distance from the right the distance from the right dialog box is now active and let's type in 1250 and then we click okay now we know that we have 1250 millimeters between these two uprights let's add in the shelves now click in a volume select it and add shelves this time type in 5 in the quantities section of the shelves and click OK poly board automatically adds 5 shelves equally spaced in our unit do the same for all the other units the other volume sorry and now we have our unit looking more and more like our design let's go back down and have a look what it looks like in 3d so we've all set up all the different partitions with the shelves now what we need if you look back in our design we need some drawers here and some doors at the top here so let's go back into our 2d and add some drawers and doors to add a drawer here we go into the volume again select the volume by clicking the mouse click right and this time in the context menu add a draw number of drawers leave it at 1 and just click OK and now we have a draw if we go back into a 3d we can see what this looks like we can open and close the drawer and the hit by clicking on this button here and poly board is added to draw let's go and add the rest of the elements the drawers here click on this volume I'm going to draw here and at the top here we need some doors to edit some doors to our unit we do exactly the same as for the drawers let's go over to the volume where we need the doors when the mouth is over the volume click click right and this time in the menu we choose the item add the door as we can see our volume here is quite wide and it probably better to add two doors in this volume so in the type of door to add click double door and then click OK poly board pad – double door let's do the same for the end volume here I click a door and a double door click OK and for these two little boxes in the middle here let's add a single door and the door and just a simple door and now let's have a look in 3d without cabinet looks like now we can see that our cabinet our living room unit is looking very much like the design that we were working from but we can see that we still have to create the space necessary to put the TV unit in here so we have to get rid of these two bits of shelving let's go back into our 2d to get rid of the bit of shelving let's put the mouse over one of the shelf edges here until it goes the Shelf goes green click to select it then click right and click delete when poly Board says distribution of valuable space click no so that polar board doesn't recalculate the position of the other shelves because we've taken this one out do the same thing for the second shelf right and delete no now in 3d we can see that we've got the space for the TV unit and the design is looking very very much like the design that we downloaded from the internet and of course we're respecting all the constraints the design constraints that we had of the length height and the area necessary for putting the TV spot this down here now if you're using the full version of poly board you're getting at the same time as you're designing all the manufacturing documents let's have a look at the manufacturing documents it's going to print preview and this is what you'll be getting with the full version of poly board you'll be getting the drawings we've eventually exploded view all the cutting lists lists of the hardware that you're using and a drawing dimension drawing of each and every part so that's how simple it is the full version gives you the cutting lists with dimensions of every part but you don't need them if you're using one of our suppliers in this case just send the poly board file of your design to the supplier and here you back all the parts ready for assembly if you want to cut and make the parts yourself we can show you a completely free way to get the plans or you can use our cabinet file service in this case you send us your poly board file and we'll send you back all the plans and cutting lists so that you can start building your project straight away whatever option you go with you've now got access to an easy and very cheap way to create your own uniquely designed furniture if you're a business you've now got an amazing free tool to design custom furniture for your clients and then you can build it yourself or outsource as much of the construction as suits the way you work in our next quick start video I'll show you how to customize even more of your design using a few of poly boards more advanced features so thanks for watching and I hope to see you again soon in our next quick start video goodbye

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