Plywood, Chipboard, MDF, Stirlingboard, Sundeala, Hardboard Northampton

right what we've got here is the far would milk as when we cut all the bald to size spit scruffy in places but just about everything is here sure we've got sterling board all thicknesses chipboard there's plywood and off cuts just about everywhere and then over here we've got the MDF which we get in all sizes 15 mil 12 mil 9 mil 6 mil 18 mil 22 milk plenty of off cuts over there with the board you only pay for what you have so you don't have to take 18 before sheet if you only want a smaller piece so bring it into US Europe measurements and we'll cut it to size for you much unlike most other deal will aren't builders merchants so that's the farm ill got to wood mills and I'll show that in another video thanks for watching

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