Picture Frame with Wooden Signatures – A Mother’s Day Woodworking Project

hello and welcome to my shop today I'm gonna be making a picture frame and I've had this idea for a picture frame kicking around in my head for a while but Mother's Day is coming up so I thought it's the perfect chance to try it out this type of picture frame could be used for just about any occasion so stick around and let's take a look at what I've come up with my wife and I have three kids and for Mother's Day I usually get her a card and have all the kids sign it so this year I thought I would make a picture frame that includes all of the kids signatures on it so what I've done is I've had each of our kids sign their name in cursive on the sheet of paper at about the same size I printed out the word mom on my printer so what I'm gonna do is make a picture frame and then cut each of their signatures out of wood and glue it on to each side of the frame so the first thing I need to do is make the picture frame I'm going to get all four sides of the picture frame from the single piece of Western redcedar two by six first I'm going to rip it in half this way and then I'm going to take those two halves and rip them in half this way so let's head over to the table saw all right I've got all four sides in the picture frame Randy and I went ahead and cut the rabbit to accept the picture and the Plexiglas so now I just need to glue up the frame I'm going to cut the signatures out of this lighter colored cedar that I think will contrast well with that western red cedar I've attached the names to the boards who would spray adhesive and I'm over at the drill press and I'm going to drill some starter holes for the interior cuts I'm cutting the names out with this old craftsman 13 inch scroll saw it's not the easiest saw to use and it uses pin blades so I do have to drill a little bit bigger starter hole in the interior cuts but it gets the job done so let's do some cut okay I got all the mains cut without breaking over and I very carefully removed the template and sanded the fuzzies off them I also sanded the frame so now I'm just going to glue the names on to the frame well here's the finished picture frame and it turned out really good I can't let you begin to – my wife on Mother's Day it was fun cutting out my kids signatures over here on the scroll saw and I recommend you try it this type of thing could work for any patient and it's just cool to have your kid's signature cut out of wood as they grow older so I'd like to thank you all for subscribing to my channel and watching my videos if this is your first time seeing one of my videos please consider subscribing and also don't forget to check out my website at the Carmichael workshop comm so thank you for watching and I'll see you next time

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