Pantry Magic!- Rotating Can Rack Organizer- DIY

Hey Denise's journey here with another silly little video I wanted to show you this rotating can rack that my husband and myself built it's super super easy to make you could do this at home and it is awesome I love it we've got different sections now you can make these much longer for you know if you want need to go across a wall or whatever I bought before but we did a bigger one here for the things that we have the most we separated this one into two different sections for the canned food so we don't use that much but this one we made it much bigger so that we could hold more cans in there all right now I'm gonna show you how this works into place now when there's a lot of space in between here you want to be careful when you load this up no mine is kind of high because I'm a tall person just like we just used a piece of board in the back we've used a 2×4 here that's 2×4 here here and these are just separators now you don't have to use two by fours this is just what we had on hand hanging around the house and we just kind of put it together now the one thing that we learnt here was this is real thin and we stapled that in well from here to here it's kind of weak and you can see where it's coming apart we're gonna have to redo it because this is where most of the weight is distributed is right here in the bottom so if when you make one of these you need to make sure and do you have heavy-duty support in that area – here put another little boy see we just nailed it in there screw – then this is nothing fancy this is just something so that we can have more room on our pantry shelves and you put it on the wall it saves space and you have more room for your pantry shelves this is awesome it's something you can do at home for you know our Preppers out there or people did just needing more space in their pantry this is a great great idea super super easy to make

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