Pallet Wood Shiplap Wall (with hidden resin signs)

so i recently went out to narwhal labs the
maker space at total boat in rhode island and while i was there decided to help them
build out a pallet wood shiplap wall for their new photo and video studio just being the
generous kind humble person that i am they might tell a different story but it's 2021
so you can choose what you want to believe and welcome back to Graz talks today with
me is paul jackman from the internet website paul jackman how are you indifferent
all right good to know good to know so tell me a bit about yourself so what uh what are
some of the things you've built pallet shot glasses pallet wood coasters well i i'm sorry
to interrupt you but what what is it with you and pallets pallet wood penny board pallet
workbench what are some of your favorite woods what what are we doing here uh interviewing
favorite woods it's not osb i'll tell you that what what is this i mean what's wrong
with osb it looks good do you know who i am this is how you dress up the set when i come
here i i don't know i mean we just did it this is, I this interview's done, we're done
here yeah interview's over interview is over anyway to go along with the pallet wall i
brought back a bunch of that shiplap material to my shop to make two interchangeable signs
with backlit epoxy graphics of their two different logos i'll show you that later but for now
let's go to narwhal labs transition uh oh i already found some that's not good
Graz! team work need a bigger applebox? that's it! transition well narwhal labs was fun but i'm
back in my shop now you may have noticed i stole a small section of their new wall not
because i was jealous that they got so much pallet wood and i didn't that was that was
part of it but i'm gonna be turning this into a sign actually i'm gonna turn this into two
sides this is gonna act as my template and i'm gonna make a narwhal lab sign and a total
boat sign and they will be removable and interchangeable so i'll build a second version of this do
a little cnc and epoxy work and then go back to rhode island and fill in that ugly hole
on their wall that wasn't planned transition yeah there we go let's try the other one we'll
probably have to trim it well that was a little different build on
location thanks for watching down below are links to all the sponsors of this build i
specifically want to call out narwhal labs and total boat total boat coupon code is down
below too don't tell them i told you so narwhal labs that is total boats maker space at their
headquarters in bristol rhode island it's now open to the public so if you're looking
for a place to build stuff and you're in the area hit them up and ask them how you can
get a membership to the space they have laser cutting cnc vinyl a full wood shop and metal
working shop and of course a bunch of epoxy workstations too as far as total boat you
should already know they make the best epoxies varnishes and paints all of which i used in
this build i know i don't need to tell you that but i will link all the specific products
of theirs that i used down below and besides that my tv show has officially wrapped shooting
so i have my life back there should be a lot more videos and builds coming up very soon
maybe turn on notifications so you make sure you don't miss them i edit all these myself
so there's a bit of a backlog at the moment uh follow me on social media if you want real-time
updates on what's going on in the bahn uh yeah transition favorite type of wood? pallet wood, of course
it's pallet wood osb more like no sb what's an enema

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