Pallet Wood Pencils (1,000 of them!)

progress these are all rough cut to nine
inches long next step is to cut them down a width
cut off the rough sawn edges on all them we're going to resaw the really
fat ones then we'll do the first big lamination but for some reason I just
hate myself so much and I decided this wasn't enough the original plan was to
make 100 pencils but we're gonna add a digit to that number I have to cut all these pieces again? Son of a itch itch itch hey you feel better now no I don't feel better I feel like we've been here before the
pencil blanks are half-inch by 3/8 by 8 inches long I'm gonna resaw these right
now into 1/2 inch slices and then I'll cut all those slices up into 3/8 inch
sticks and then we will figure out the next step when we get there welcome to
Jackman Works pencil blanks…

So in this box I have a
bunch of the random pixelated pencil blanks that you've seen already solid
pencil blanks which will be one color and 2 tone and I have these blanks here that I
cut at an angle from the larger sheet to hopefully create a cool visual with
the final pencil it's pretty tricky this is a very small canvas to work with but
I think that we're onto something next step is to cut a groove in bottom and the
top face with the 1/8"inch round nose router bit every blank will
then be ripped down the middle flipped around with a piece of lead sandwich in
between and they'll be glued together to create the final pencil blanks then we can
make some puzzles well there's a hundred of them so what
do pencils have to do with Carolina Shoe nothing has that ever stopped me nope
huge thanks to Carolina Shoe for supporting what I do by supporting my
feet I don't even like that one they make long lasting quality work boots
that I wear literally every day the AMP style and my favorite around the wood shop
they're just super comfortable on a concrete slab and they're made in the
u.s.a you can get your own pair of Carolina boots at the link down below
first hundred people will get one of these free artisan hand crafted pallet
wood pencils made by me now that link down below is to super casuals it's one
of the many retail stores across the u.s.

That sell Carolina boots I actually
did a pencil making demo there in the store last month riveting I know also
many different styles of Carolina boots are currently discounted on a super
casual site so take this opportunity to snag a great deal along with a gift with
purchase while supplies last oh and the jig the pencil making jig is something
that's created by Andy Klein I'll provide a link down below if you'd like to grab
one of those make some pencils for yourself he also sells the lead that I
used in these pencils colored pencil lead and also end caps and erasers that I haven't
got my hands on yet but I will soon so keep an eye on my Instagram feed to see
what that's all about and that is it for this one thank you for watching I'm
gonna go ahead and wrap up the rest of these why do I do this to myself

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