Pallet Projects – Tips For Pallets Woodworking.

Tips For Pallets Woodworking
Woodworking with pallets is a lot of fun, and you can end up with some really amazing
looking projects. Part of the attraction to pallets is they
are free. The other is that they wood has already been
used once before, so it can be reclaimed and used again. Of all the reasons that pallet construction
is so popular, those two are the biggest reasons. A woodworker with a little drive can pick
up a lot of free wood, and they can turn it into unique furniture and crafts. The wood doesn t harm the environment as much
as fresh wood, because it has already been used. Completely Take Apart Your Pallets Before
Beginning a Project This should go without saying, but you would
be amazed at how many people skip this essential preparation step. Before you begin any project with your pallets,
completely take them apart first. Once the pieces are apart, organize them. Now, everything you have is easy to see, and
you will not have to struggle. This is very different than when you are trying
to remove boards from a pallet at the same time you need them.

This can be very frustrating. Cleaning Up Woodworking Pallets
Most of the time, the pallets that you get are going to be pretty rough. This is normal, and expected on pallet woodworking
projects. However, you can clean up the boards a little
and get a more refined look. It s easy too. Pallets tend to have dirt and grime on them. This is from being slid around the floor,
liquids being spilled on them, and scuffs from boots and shoes. Getting these things off the surface makes
the wood look better. One of the easiest ways to get rid of the
grime is with a scrub brush and water.

A rag works too, just be careful of splinters. If you can t get them off by cleaning, sanding
will work. Just sand off the bad looking areas, and you
will be left with cleaner looking wood. Wear Your Safety Gear
Pallets are rough to handle, and can cause injuries. Make sure that you are being cautious and
using your safety gear when woodworking with pallets. The equipment will be up to you as the user,
but I recommend a couple things to start. Safety glasses are the number one item that
you should always wear. You can t work without your eyes, which makes
it a great place to start.

After that, think about gloves to protect
from splinters, ear protection, and a good dust mask. Find a Place For Wood Storage
Once you take apart all of those pallets, you are going to need a place to store the
wood. If you are good at separating the pieces,
you can make you storage area even better. Store your pieces by size and color, and you
will always know what you have. Most pallets are about the same size. There are odd sizes, but the most common shipping
pallet is the 40? x 48? pallet. Due to this size similarity, the pieces that
you harvest will be about the same size too..

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