One Tool Challenge. Make This With ONLY a Jigsaw!

Today, I'm going to challenge myself to make a
beautiful fine woodworking box with only one power tool. I want to show you that you don't need
a whole shop full of tools to make something that looks good. So first thing we need to do and the
most important thing is find the right blade. I've got six teeth per inch for wood
going all the way up to 20 teeth per inch. If your jigsaw has an orbital
setting, you want it set to zero, that's going to give us the cleanest cut.

So forward no good back there good. the 6 teeth per inch gave us a
really, really bad rough cuts. We had a 10 teeth per inch for
wood, which still give us a bad cut, 10 teeth per inch for hardwood and
that cleaned it up a little bit, but the 20 teeth per inch,
that gave us a super, super clean cut. We're going to be building most of
this box out of half inch plywood. I've got this plywood from my friends
at Kencraft and you can tell it's a good stuff just by looking at the core. I am designing this on the fly and I think
the first thing I want to do is cut a three inch wide strip. I have my plywood clamped down to my
bench as well as another piece of plywood that I'm going to use as my straight edge. This is just a factory edge off of this
and I want to follow my jigsaw along that to get a nice straight cut
to keep this from wandering, I'm going to clamp another board on this side.

Look at
that. Nice and straight. Now I need two pieces that are 10 inch
long and two pieces that are four inch long. So I'm going to repeat the process and
do the same thing for these little pieces here. I'm only going to put the straight
edge on one side. It's a nice shortcut. I should be able to control the blade.
I've got my speed square clamp down. You probably could hold that on there, but I just want to be sure that I'm
getting a nice, good straight clean cut. So these are my two short ends and they
are slightly different size and they're, they're really close. But I
want it to be all the way close.

This is a hundred grit. That's a good sound, Dan. So we have our four pieces here and I'm
just going to glue them up putting a little glue on the end
grain. 100% not necessary, but I'm going to pound some nails in
there just so I can move along to the next step and not wait for the glue to dry. So next thing I need to
do is draw the bottom. So I'm just going to lay this on here. I'm going to try to do this without
a straight edge.

If it doesn't work, I'm going back to the straight edge. That worked pretty good. It's
a, I mean it's slightly too big, but I'm just going to
sand that down smooth. So with the nails in there, you
can actually take the clamps off and move on to the next step. For the lid, it's going to be basically
just like the bottom This lid is going to just fit on top.
And I'm going to take this, what is this? 3/16 inch plywood and cut out. So it just fits inside. I don't want this to be super tight
because we've got some treatment for it later. So now I need to glue
this piece onto the lid. It's going to go on like that, so
I'm going to drop this in there. Then I'm going to do some of this. If I lift this up, magic will happen. I want to get this nice and flat so I've got some sandpaper

Some spray adhesive. Sorry Dan! How many sides are in a box?
One, two, three, four, five. If we've got all six sides sanded, nice
and smooth. It was quite a workout. So this box, I want to create a little shadow line
along the bottom instead of having it just sit flat. So once again, I'm going
to cut another piece out of this. What is this? 3/16 inch plywood and have that
kind of offset a little bit We'll just kind of center that on there. I decided I'm going to do one more thing.

You see how we have that
little on the bottom? Actually I want to do this on the top. Now, that that guy is all glued
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Makesomething90 thank you. Hello fresh. Now back to the shop. We going to use some of
this beautiful Ebony veneer. Check this out. I want to cut
this oversize. So there's, what's that Dan? About
a quarter of an inch. When you go against the grain,
you gotta to do multiple passes, but we're just using some regular old
wood glue here and we're going to spread it out. Now the veneer is going to curl up on
you a little bit. Don't worry about it. You're going to get some glue on your
cutting mat. Don't worry about it. You're going to want to let that dry
to the touch almost completely.

Dan, is this a power tool? No. I'm safe
to use this and this video. Yeah, nobody's going to complain
about i? Probably. I'm just going to use the
heat gun to dry the glue. Now that that's dry to the touch,
Dan, is this a power tool? No. Can I use this in this video? Anybody going to complain about me
using this in this video? Definitely. Right there. It's going to be good.
Take your iron on the hottest setting. Yeah, that hurts and then just iron that son of a bitch right on there. Going to do the same thing
with the opposite side. That curl just flattens right out.
As soon as you put the iron on there, it's got a brand new blade in
there and just multiple passes. Nice and light. I don't
want it to rip or tear. Break that edge just a little bit
so it doesn't catch and tear off.

So now we have all four sides done. I want to cut thin strips for the top
and make it look like mitered pieces. I'm going to lay this on there. Then take my chisel. That came out really, really good.
I'm very happy with it. The lid, we're going to get a little extra
fancy on there, but before we do that, I'm going to flock the inside of this. So you've got the red flocking fibers, then you've got the red flocking
adhesive. They work together. I've got a whole video on the flocking
process. There'll be a link down below. It goes into all the detail that
you need to know about this, where to get the supplies
and how to use it. Might as well do the bottom
as well with the flocking, so while the flocking is drying, we're going to work on the lid and this
final piece along the edge there for this lip right there, that wood is 3/16.

I got some of this inlay banding, which just happens to
be 3/16 of an inch tall. This is not blood. That's the
red flocking. I'm okay mom, don't call me. We played around with so many different
designs looking at different veneers. We actually glued a veneer on there. I didn't like how it looked and
I'm just going to keep it simple. I'm just going to use this piece
of Ebony and go on the top of that. We're just going to flock the bottom of
this just like we did the bottom of the box for the handle. I set my jigsaw to some random angle
and cut up more plywood, again, glued on some veneers and topped
it off with some wipe on Polly. Only one power tool was used to make this
box showing you that you don't need a shop full of expensive tools
to make beautiful things, get creative and use your
limitations to your advantage. We'll see you next week with a brand new
project. As always, be safe, have fun, stay passionate, and make something.

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