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today on garden fork learn how to make a simple boat out of plywood you're going to love this hey everyone I'm Eric roger from garden fork G fork for short we were watching a MIG magazine one of their video podcasts and it had deke from tiny yellow house on there and he made a boat out of one sheet of plywood and I said I want to make that so this is kind of an homage to deke we're going to make a boat at a one sheet of plywood it's his design I'm going to make some modifications to it kind of put the garden fork spin on it but I watched this video about ten times I think it's pretty cool so I'm going to show you how to make this really cool boat first thing you got to do is you need a sheet of plywood this is some 3/8 roofing sheathing I got if you want this to be a smoother surface on your boat you can get some smoother finished plywood I think it's called finished plywood but this is just this was like twelve fifteen bucks at the store buy two of them in case you make a mistake the easiest way to do this as deke says is to go to the lumber yard or your home improvement store and hand them cut this wood you want it in two to one foot sections and a two foot section I didn't have them cut it so I'm going to show you how to cut it here the best thing to have for this is this thing called the chalk line I don't know if you ever used one of these before but it has chalk powder in here and string and I'll show you how this works okay I've marked out here our two one foot marks here so what you do is you first shake that up make sure that the chalk is coding the string and I put this right there on the one foot mark and then I landed up here and then it makes a line and action whoo nice huh waiting for the boat ride off of your two foot piece you want to measure 17 inches all right so what we've done here I've taken a piece of string I've taken our bow and I set it at a 45 degree angle I have a angle thing I put that underneath set it to 45 that I take one of the side pieces here and I've lined it up so it's flush with the back and then underneath I take a pencil here and I've traced my cut line here because this is going to be the front of the boat and this is where the side of the boats going to meet it I'm going to take some small finished nails now I'm going to start them at the very edge of the bottom of the boat we're going to be using silicon caulk and that stuff doesn't get off your hands make sure it says silicon all right why what are the other options other kind of caulk like painters caulk or stuff like that so silicon is waterproof seat says they're waterproof there's four bathtubs stuff like that easy cuz we're going this is going in the water seaworthy yeah so it doesn't leak this is the leak proofing excellent so we're gonna take this yeah and line it up on there with a little wobbly okay do the same thing for the other side okay the front plenty of should there be a space here yeah there's gonna be a gap and we're gonna the heck out of that gap with the silicon Oh that'll keep us afloat yeah hope hopefully push it in to the joint they need a couple coats yeah we'll do a couple coats on this when I said one sheet of plywood it was a one sheet and a little bit you can make this out of one sheet of plywood but you can actually make the boat a little bit longer so it'll fit two kids or two people a little better if you use the sheet of plywood plus one piece of scrap this is a two foot by one foot piece you can go if you go to your home improvement store in addition to four by eight sheets of plywood they sell two foot square sheets of plywood as well you can buy one of those plus a four by eight sheet and you'll have a bigger boat you can do it with one sheet of four by eight with lunch a boat a little longer get a piece of scrap maybe this isn't a dumpster nearby when we won your neighbors has won let's go ask okay we're done I'm not done alright so here's here's my idea of changing it up a little bit is this is called batten or 1×2 but we use them for garden stakes I mean they're usually you know this tall and we cut them a little shorter for trellises and stuff you can see our how to make your trellis video on our site but I want to do now is measure all these lengths and we're going to place this in here like this and we're going to screw it from the side and screw from the bottom but we're first laying we're caulk and then screw this in and that'll make it pretty strong I'm using 3/4 inch wood screws phase one is complete I got to put one more piece in here a reinforcement piece yeah I forgot that one how unusual almost complete not you're looking really good take some scrap wood and make a keel put a little angle at the front we're going to put it right down the middle here waterproof wood glue I took a one by two cut the angle at the front and made it run the length of the boat okay always have your personal flotation device leave your robot okay so a couple things I want to point out i I put these 1 by 2's on the side here and then I put one across the top we gave it a name painted it red I think we're ready to go you want to watch floats it's a little lopsided yeah Wow it's good do you see anything floating see any sharks under there snappers no but I see some water coming through all right very cool you can do this we're going to build more plywood boats you can find out more about this I took a bunch of pictures of us putting this together at our site garden fork TV okay use this information at your own risk but this is really cool I think it'll be a fun project with your kids you got to let the silicon caulk dry we kind of rushed it a little bit so we're getting a little bit of water on board but this is great I want to thank deke and make magazine for inspiring me for this there's also another site that has similar versions of this boat which I'll put right here because I can't read the name of it but a bunch of plywood boat plans there bring your friends Oh

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