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Hello friends! This video is about my most notable 
projects of the past year which are patiently   waiting to be edited if you follow my Instagram 
you probably know that there is a fair number   of videos of completed projects that accumulated 
on my hard drive in other words this is a preview   of my work which can be demonstrated in full in 
the new season and most importantly I want to   ask for your advice on what projects should be 
edited first taking into account that the all   filmed material will never be published fully and 
some topics will inevitably have to be sacrificed   I will begin with a description of the projects 
of my 2020 vacation I was preparing for a summer   trip for a whole year and managed to make 
an arsenal of tools and devices in advance   I will talk about their manufacturing a little 
later for now i will only show projects that i   needed these diy tools for i've been planning to 
build more furniture for my cabin and this year   i made this primitive chair in the process of 
making some of its parts I decided to turn them   which meant I needed a lathe I ended up building 
one from the left of a part of black alder that   fell last year you might have noticed I used the 
DIY chainsaw bar with the unique characteristics   in this project for now I will only say that this 
extra long bar proved to be a success it is a pity   that chainsaw bars with such properties are not 
available for sale it turned out that using a pole   lathe is easier than using a modern electric lathe 
and even more fondant using a shaving horse with   a draw knife I didn't need to learn any special 
skills everything you do is intuitive first of all   if something goes wrong your foot automatically 
stops pressing on the pedal instantly stalling   the work pieces rotation as a result your body 
the cutting tool and even the work piece remains   intact you can just make necessary adjustments and 
continue working in addition to the pole lathes   safety i really liked its quiet operation you can 
only hear the rustle of the wood shavings my first   impression is exceptionally positive and I can 
recommend it for use I forged these hold-down   clamps just before this trip and despite their 
weight never regretted putting them in my backpack   these clamps can securely hold even odd shaped 
work pieces with ease to make it more convenient   to work with my cloggers knife I modernized its 
base both its pin and eye hooks can now be used   for full-fledged work on a pole lathe it is 
best to have specialized lathe tools so far   I have only managed to forge a hook chisel however 
now I know exactly what wood turning tools I need   forging a second lathe chisel is always easier 
than the first one I will need at least four   more hook type hollowing tools a roughing gouge 
a spindle gouge a parting tool an skew gouge but   for now I could turn parts of my primitive chair 
using a sharpened screwdriver and regular chisel   I also needed a lathe for making cylindrical 
parts of my waterwheel-powered washing machine   technically it proved to be a rather 
complicated project however having   properly equipped my workshop with a topsy-turvy 
workbench shaving horse cloggers knife tool rack   and other helpful devices I was able to complete 
the waterwheel project relatively fast the main   design's challenge was that for the sake of 
washing quality I didn't use a through axle   in the drum consequently I had to mount a hollow 
drum on a split axle with only one driven side   which was not an easy task however as you 
can see I was able to finish this project   I installed the drum into a square 
tub and hooked it up to the waterwheel   now I can wash a fair amount of solid work 
cloth with almost no effort by loading the   drum with dirty laundry and sliced soap 
followed by filling the washing machine   with water and speeding the drum powered by the 
waterwheel while the stream was doing my laundry   I could do other things for example I could cook 
fat-tailed sheep meat in my earth oven nearby   well technically I cooked this meat the day 
before and that's when I got my jacket soiled   this is when I made the decision to urgently 
field-test the washing machine the very next day   on laundry day I fisted on fried quail eggs 
and homemade Adygei cheese in field conditions   with no experience and in a hurry it wasn't 
easy to brown the cheese perfectly saying   that I wouldn't mind eating this cheesy egg dish 
almost every day it is truly a delicious combo   the mechanization of manual labor surely frees up 
a lot of time but it is important not to forget   to stop the washing machine in time while the 
waterwheel is doing useful work you can leave   it unattained and do other things however the lack 
of automation makes it necessary to periodically   monitor the operation of the waterwheel 
and washing machine as you may imagine a   pine cone falling from a tree can jam the drum but 
the waterwheel wouldn't stop spinning as a result   the damaged axle would have to be repaired among 
other things the complexity of manufacturing   this washing machine was contributed by the fact 
that the washing machine's axle was also used to   drive an improvised generator made from an 
electric screwdriver my mini-hydroelectric   power plant was able to charge a lithium iron 
phosphate battery to as much as 105 amp hour   this summer I also charged this battery using 
two solar panels unfortunately we don't have   much sun in the north even during the day so 
the hydroelectric power station supersedes in   practicality in any case additionally I installed 
a mobile signal amplifier on this spine tree   there were so many viewers strongly recommending 
it under a previous video where I made phone   calls from this tree that i simply could not 
look past it this mobile signal amplifier   needs electricity not to mention 
the drone and other video equipment   do you think my efforts to install the antenna 
on the pine tree paid off? did I manage to lower   the signal reception area closer to the log cabin 
camp? getting back to the topic of hydroelectric   power my homemade power plant allowed me not 
only to implement electric lighting in the cabin   and to power the signal amplifier but also to 
use a corded side grinder through an inverter   I completed a project of making a granite griddle 
or rather a granite cooking stone last summer I   brought this granite slab from the shore of Ladoga 
lake to the cabin camp this year I flattened the   slab installed it on a Finnish candle heated 
its surface and cooked the most delicious fried   quail eggs in my life I don't know what was the 
special from this cooking technique perhaps it   was the huge heat capacity of the granite frying 
surface or the candles smoke maybe something else   but the fried eggs were simply out of this world 
I strongly recommend you to try this out too,   by the way, washing such frying griddle is 
not difficult at all so I'm not planning   to build a waterwheel-powered 
dishwasher although who knows…

The waterwheel has an enormous potential this 
is why I decided to build a waterwheel-powered   sharpening station initially I planned to 
make a grinding wheel from a tree stump   but was unable to find a suitable log of the 
right diameter among the fallen trees they   either were too skinny or too rotted and were not 
suitable for the task so I decided to assemble   the grinding wheel from smaller pieces as a result 
the project became more complex and time consuming   initially I located half a day for it it ended up 
taking much longer I glued the grinding wheel from   eight wooden segments I first fitted the grinding 
wheel's central hole to the waterwheel's octagonal   shaft before gluing the segments together 
then I installed the glue-up on the shaft   and after having suspended the waterwheel assembly 
on standard sliding bearings I shaped the wooden   drum to the required diameter using the waterwheel 
mechanism as an improvised inertial lathe   it sounds tricky but there is nothing really 
tricky here in reality this precision work took   a lot of time though the difficulty was in the 
fact that the drum sanding belt's fit could not   be messed up if you shave off too much material 
you can't easily restore the drum's diameter   I also feared that the slight difference in 
the sanding belts' circumference would not   allow them to be easily changed on the drum I 
think that an ability to quickly change belts of   different grit values is important but despite 
the difficulties everything worked out well   and I was able to use my newly built contraption 
for sharpening all the cutting tools such as the   clogger's knife two-handed chisel and scrapers I 
also shaped and sharpened a recently forged a hook   gouge I even managed to sharpen the cutting edge 
on my most complex forged hand tool a twist auger   or navar the process of forging this auger is 
probably worthy of a separate video and of course   I've retouched the cutting edges 
on my knives axes and small chisels you may get the impression that I was only sawing 
planing drilling sharpening digging and planting   but this is not so I was still actively 
procuring food I fished as well as collected   edible mushrooms and wild berries when the 
weather gets bad and it rains most of the day   it gets harder to stay motivated to do 
construction work under the open sky   at the same time such weather is good for 
other activities which encourages you to   put on waterproof clothing get the fishing 
gear out and go procure some gifts of nature   it's a pity that only pike and perch are found in 
nearby lakes but i'm not against such a diet there   is a penalty for stocking a forest lake with 
trout my flotilla of boats on the local lakes   has grown by one more vessel this summer when I 
tested it at Ladoga lake I fished out an old tire   and decided it was a sign I thought to myself it 
is not difficult to cut rubber rings from a tire   and use them as driving belts for a gearbox's 
pulleys they could make it possible to increase   the rotation speed of the generator bearing 
in mind the success of bottle cutter video   6 and 80 million views respectively on my English 
and Russian channels I thought about making a tire   cutter jig the jig would have the bearings in 
its design which are not that cheap I can cut   the tire with my hands too so i'm not sure 
if the world needs my tire cutter jig design   what do you think most of the tie remained 
unused but I have special plans for it soon I   will need more rubber belts for the upcoming water 
wheel powered bush machinery using rubber rings   you can also make a slingshot cannon which in turn 
can be used for unexpected utilitarian purposes   or for traditional ones for example storming 
a castle but i will not get ahead of myself   usually by the end of my stay I run out of 
gasoline and thus battery power so I involuntarily   switch to hand tools this certainly slows down 
a project space but I'm somewhat happy about it   working with hand tools is much more enjoyable   over time I'm planning to make myself a complete 
set of hand tools so you can only hear the rustle   of wooden shavings and no rumbling of an internal 
combustion engine or the hum of an electric motor   returning to the topic of landscaping I 
assembled several elements of auxiliary   furniture such as a primitive table sawhorses 
two racks for my outdoor shop and other items   I can't mention everything in the overview 
video plus this video is already dragging on so   I will now get a schematic description of 
my non-bushcraft projects of this season   you might remember in the video about making 
a viza rope from a fir branch I suggested that   such rope could be mated with polyester resin 
for creating original furniture's elements   nobody seems to have appreciated this idea 
so this year I returned to the rope project   it turned out that shaping viza into tightly 
twisted rings is not so easy it was even more   challenging to transport and dry the rope 
bundle in this shape so I had to experiment   and as a result I assembled a jig 
for twisting viza into a spiral   the formed spool is securely retained on a 
plywood jig for easy storage and transportation   I can't describe the whole technique in 
a nutshell but I soon plan to show you a   finished countertop of the original design 
which I nicknamed as the galaxy spiral or   perseus arm and of course I will not ignore the 
traditional methods of making slab tabletops   my slabs already dry and ready for processing in 
one case the tabletop support will be cast from   aluminum and in the second the support will 
be equipped with a variable height mechanism   I want to be able to work at my desk both sitting 
and standing a healthy back is important after all   in the comments people often ask me to 
show my workshop but I didn't even have   a dedicated workshop I worked in a barn in 
a basement or in the open air but this year   I finally decided to convert my basement into a 
workshop in this footage you can see the basement   a year ago and now it took me a year to set it 
up the workshop project took a lot of effort and   money so it noticeably slowed me down on other 
fronts but now I should be able to catch up   once I started remodeling my basement for starters 
I modernized its anti-flood system that previously   couldn't effectively cope with seasonal 
flooding then I strengthened and added rigidity   to my long workbench as well as replaced 
its old drawers with universal wheeled   stands I slightly modernized my desktop milling 
machine with a minimum set of accessories for it   assembled a stable stand with storage drawers for 
it and now I'm able to mill just about anything   when I bought this milling machine I assumed that 
its accessories would not be cheap as I predicted   two years later I can say that this already cost 
me more than the machine itself however I have   no regrets with the incredibly kind Patreon 
donations I was able to purchase the quality   accessories I needed each new acquisition made 
me happy and expanded my workshops possibilities   for example using the aforementioned milling 
accessories I was able to mill and even drill a   large deep hole in this leaf spring harvested from 
a truck it wasn't an easy task and my p6m5 drill   bit lost almost an inch due to resharpening as a 
result I have assembled a forging tool that can   almost perfectly straighten a thick spring steel 
pin which can be used to forge a draw knife a froe   a large carving gouge or a navar also called a 
spiral auger that particular auger was probably   my most difficult forging project to this day as 
far back as i can remember myself i always wanted   to forge metal I started with a mini-forge made 
from a large tin can but this year I have made   significant progress in furnishing my blacksmith 
shop I assembled a new forge and made a new burner   this winter I'm planning to improve my anvil made 
from a huge excavator scoop's tooth I need to mill   a hole in it for a punch attachment as well as to 
silence its ring I also want to make a blacksmith   leg vise which is one of the most important tools 
in the blacksmith's shop then I will open new   horizons on artistic forging and tool making I 
know there is a trend to forge knives from drill   bits I forged one this way myself however a knife 
is a primitive product compared to a screw auger   I love and appreciate the primitive aesthetics 
of a knife but it is still a pity that people pay   so little attention to other hand forged tools 
finding a high quality carving gouge or a navar   without breaking a bank is not easy nowadays this 
prototype screw auger surpassed my expectations   now I can say I know how to quickly make one 
that is both high quality and inexpensive   I recently acquired a class 1 accuracy granite 
surface plate and a metal hand-scraping set   which included 3 scrapers and a small roller 
with oil-based marking paint first I lapped my   straight edges to make sure they are true then I 
restored the geometry of my lathe's crucial parts   by hand scraping a saddle square a surface 
plate a compound slide table and carriage   once done I noticed that increasing the latest 
rigidity which enhanced the surface finish overall   for the next lathe upgrade I want to procure a 
granite slab to mount my lathe on it fortunately   they are prolific where I live this is when 
I might edit a video about this epic lathe   improvement adventure I don't know what will 
come out of it but I can already say that I like   hand scraping no less than turning and I love 
turning after 10 minutes of lathing i turned a   shiny bushing using it I easily made a holddown 
clamp also called a holdfast or a third arm   it is hard to overestimate the metal 
lathe's usefulness in a workshop   another example I turned these side rack 
mounting brackets for my Honda timber-carrier   they have a perfect fit with my scooter's footrest 
you might have already seen how I was transporting   logs on my scooter in the video about milling 
logs into the perfect boards with just a chainsaw   I could not recommend this transportation method 
to anyone though obviously this is an abnormal and   unsafe use of a scooter however with the new 
side rack's design the implementation of this   dubious undertaking has become much easier and 
safer the rack's design is not complicated at all   all you need is two brackets one for 
attaching to the scooter's rear rack   and the other to the scooter's footrest the 
side rack can be used to transport any oversized   load in the upgraded side rack there is a gap 
between the load and the scooter so i can stop   and balance it by leaning my foot 
on either side of the scooter by the way I wanted to kindly ask for a favor 
from my viewers I don't want to be unoriginal   and publish a video on a topic that has been 
known to a wide audience therefore in this video   I've tried to assemble only my original projects 
however lacking the full knowledge of humankind   I cannot be quite sure of the originality of 
my own ideas therefore if you watched a good   video on any of the mentioned topics and ideas 
please let me know in the comment section below   if possible provide a link to 
the video of the author's website   this information will help me read out the 
non-original projects thank you in advance about 20 years ago my family's bees burned 
down in a fire I felt very sorry for the bees   and three years ago I restarted beekeeping I have 
several ongoing projects that have to do with bees   there are many methods of commercial honey 
production from the kashkowski to the cebro's   method I want to work out a method of swarmless 
beekeeping which would be easy for anyone who   has a busy work schedule my beekeeping is not 
commercial but for the needs of family and friends   I use an extra-large frame I 
call them high-and-wide frames   such unusual frames still fit into a standard 
honey extractor all hives frames nuke boxes   honey supers feeders and other beekeepers 
equipment are homemade since ferromagnets   prevent bees from orienting themselves I try not 
to use nails in addition I condemn the use of   anti-parasitic drug amitras on bees which further 
complicates beekeeping work I'm also building a   beeswax foundation press for making foundation 
wax sheets with a slightly larger cell size   in order to selectively breed especially large 
bees resistant to cold and parasites the largest   of foundation sheets cell size the larger the 
honeycombs will be built which will in turn hatch   larger honeybees a large bee hibernates better 
flies farther lives longer and can deal with the   varroa mite on its own it sounds like a magical 
solution to all beekeeping problems so it is worth   trying to make a beekeeper's dream come true last 
year I had several interesting adventures at once   across the Vepski Uplands and what is especially 
interesting I visited the pole of inaccessibility   of Eurasia the Putorana Plateau there are no 
roads and settlements for thousands of kilometers   you can only move here by rivers or by air this 
is absolutely wild territory the north is my   love and the Putorana plateau is a quintessence 
of everything that I love so much in the north   the harsh beauty of northern mossy rocks 
reflects in the crystal water I don't know   if it is a relevant topic for my channel but if I 
get enough interest from my audience I might tell   you more about my adventures in the wild ever 
since middle school I was interested in slash   and burn agriculture typically used as a method 
for clearing forest land for farming I really   wanted to learn the real price of bread which 
was so appreciated by our ancestors who inhibited   these risky farming lands I could not carry out 
a full-fledged experiment but I implemented a   small scale representation of slash and burn 
agriculture taking necessary precautions   I cleared a small section of open forest land with 
fire and made a small clearing then I saw it rye   harvested it thrashed the rye ears winnowed it 
from the chaff ground the grains into flour and   finally baked a loaf of bread in my earth oven 
in the process I made some unexpected discoveries   for example I was surprised that it was 
impossible to fully burn out young moss   with a bonfire I had to set fire to it at least 
twice obviously our ancestors did not use bonfires   but set a controlled ground fire that burned 
out everything including bushes and large trees   this past year i was also refining some of my 
hand-held power tools for example a sliding   pair of aluminum on aluminum is obviously not the 
best solution for a track saw and its guide rail   of course you can buy a top of the line Mafell 
or Festool track saw but I don't make a living   with the tool so I chose to improve this 
budget tracks or in some cases using manual   fine tuning you can achieve a better result 
than that of a well-known brand as you can see   it is not difficult to mill the slots in the track 
saw's sole for inserting PTFE anti-friction   pads and the result speaks for itself this saw 
slides nicely after about a dozen small tweaks   of course it takes time but you have to pay 
the price for a comfortable and accurate cut   by the way this year I made a custom guide 
bar for my chainsaw with non-standard features   which cannot be found in the store the making 
process was quite straightforward and simple   with this guide bar it is easy to make perfectly 
straight cuts one can easily mill perfectly   straight boards even without using swinging 
motions equipped with an upgraded chainsaw I feel   less constrained in materials than in a lumber 
warehouse because I could easily mill a specific   piece from a fallen tree right in the woods if 
you're watching this video a considerable time   past the publication date some projects briefly 
shown here might have already been edited and   published for your convenience I will be adding 
links to them down here as they come out finally   I will list a few unfinished projects I have 
long wanted to learn to make copper casts using   sacrificial burnout molds the technique turned 
out to be more difficult to master than I thought   I have already ruined 4 sacrificial molds 
to make a copper frame for this ambrotype it is known that the higher the melting 
temperature of the metal the higher its   fluidity and the greater its shrinkage if 
you under heat the crucible it won't pour   if you overheat it you're risking to spoil the 
castings small details here you need experience   or advice from a knowledgeable person compared to 
aluminum copper is more effectory and therefore   it can be heated more without the fear of 
excessive shrinkage but its fluidity is noticeably   lower in addition when melting copper you have 
to use a ceramic crucible which is a big hassle   you are looking at a buzzing killing machine that 
feeds on honey and was caught near my hives but it   was not the honey that attracted the hornet it was 
the bees hornets feed their babies with bee larvae   one horned family can exterminate a 
40 000 bee colony in just two weeks   I feel sorry for both the bees and the 
hornets so I'm designing and testing   a non-lethal hornet strap so I can 
catch them and release them elsewhere for eight years now I've been slowly building 
this large shed on the ground floor in addition   to a sauna there will be a room for beekeeping on 
the second floor i'm building a woodworking shop   the construction of the shed turned into a 
collection of mistakes and construction delays   my mistakes are my wealth and all this 
wealth is reflected in the video archive   perhaps in the new year I will share my experience 
of training the body in order to increase   resistance to altitude sickness even though I 
was the oldest member of a group of mountaineers   on a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro I 
successfully summited Uhuru peak   I think that my apnea training 
method was the key to the successful   ascent the weather conditions on the day of the 
summit forced the absolute majority of those   climbing uhuru peak to turn back which makes 
the completed climb even more valuable to me   however I'm not sure if the world needs 
my speculations on a semi-medical topic   of oxygen utilization by the body the 
intercellular membrane trainability heliox   therapy hyperbaric oxygenation and a counter 
pulsation procedure for a healthy person   finally this long video came to an end it is very 
difficult to assess finished work for completeness   there is always something to improve therefore a 
fair number of projects remain behind the scenes   but this is not necessarily bad the new season 
will be even more novel and exciting friends I'm   very pleased that you watched this video to the 
very end which means my efforts were not in vain   if you didn't like the video for any reason 
then by all means let me know about it I read   all the comments post scriptum I would like 
to draw your attention to the fact that we are   co-authors and your role in the developments of 
the channel is arguably more important than mine   yes I come up with a plot film it voice it over 
edit the video and make the final decision but   I'm only a co-pilot I'm pleased that our 
channel is in high demand if you liked   this video perhaps you could share it with your 
friends let good people watch good videos p.p.s.   below I left a link to my DIY projects playlist 
as well as playlists about my log cabin building   bushcraft projects kayak making and outdoor 
cooking I hope to see you back on Advoko MAKES…

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