Mystery Golf Ball in a Block of Wood (

Hey guys so I decided to do a golf ball
Or actually a magic golf ball in a block of wood And it's really in there I promise You'll amaze Your friends and your family when you show them That you did this yourself stick around for the video And I'll show you how I did this and always check Out my website at where I'll post More pictures and information about this project and Other projects I have going on in my shop Oh and if you haven't clicked subscribe yet on My youtube channel be sure to do that and
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and if you Make one of these I would love to see how yours turned out So to get started on my golf ball in a block of wood I've got a block of wood here and this is actually A piece of bass wood that I picked up at I believe it was Hobby Lobby or hobby town it was one of those
Hobby stores where they sell these for pretty cheap They sell them in 2 by 2 inches by 2 inch widths And I really wanted this to be 1 – 3/4" you can Play around with the dimensions on this this is what I settled with and I think this works pretty well So if you can you'll want to trim both sides down So that it's 1 – 3/4" by 1 – 3/4" and I decided to make Mine a lenght of 5 inches but you could certainly play With that too.

To get started I struck two lines 3/4 of an inch on both sides just to give me a frame Of reference of where and how much I was going to Cut out of the wood and I did it on my both sides I did it on this side as well as this side And then another tip too I found the center point In my wood so I when I'm lining this up on the drill press It'll make it easier to find the center point on My block of wood so I'm going to head over to the Drill press next and start drilling this out So I've got my block of wood here and it's looking Pretty good what I'm going to do now is take some Sand paper and sort of clean it up a little bit The drill press leaves some little ridges and I want to smooth that out
So I've got my block of wood all sanded down and I think it looks pretty good Next up I'm ready To put my golf ball in there but first I'm going put it in some hot water not quite boiling but It's definitely hot and that will cause the wood to Expand just enough that I can pop this in and hopefully Not break it and then I'll be all done
All right let's give this a shot Hey lookie there and it's not that hot
All right where there it is the wood is still a little wet
But it went in just fine and its already contracting And you can amaze your friends by making one of these So if you haven't already subscribed to my youtube Channel be sure to do that and also be sure to Check out where I'll post more detailed Pictures and information about how I made this and I've Got plenty of other projects to that I've
made and Oh if you make one of these I would love to see it Be sure to visit my facebook page it's
And I'll see you around

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