Modifications needed for a Surfboard Planer

hello of people Brian with newly paddle and surf I'm just going to go over all the modifications that there is needed for a surfers liner first and foremost is the on-the-fly adjustment most planners have probably good 5 turns to open the shoe all the way up on a modified planer takes about a little over 1/4 turn to open it up fully and that's called the on-the-fly adjustment and what that's for is feathering from usually the tail to the nose so I usually a little bit deeper cut if you're doing rail bands and whatnot or if you're also doing like concave like a nose concave feathering it from 0 to a full cut to open cut for like a nose concave all right next to make it economical and just a better fit a better feel for when you're when you're planing you have a handle relocation usually they're on the top and it just feels kind of strange you know trying to do rail bands with it on the top so next is the handle relocation ok also you take off the old cord and I got mine laying on the floor here you had a 25 foot cord alright you want to lengthen the cord so you don't have to worry about having a extension cord or also some people like to use a vacuum system that comes from the ceiling and this will ride right up the vacuum all the way down in the outlet that you got your back and plated or plugged into also ok next you have the shoe is also modified also you got rounded corners on it and then also this group is usually filled in with in a five minute epoxy or whatever and again what that's for is when you're running over a piece of foam it's not catching or it's not leaving couches or marks with from a sharp edge so it just works out a lot better for you also on that next is the exhaust a lot of people like if you're a newbie you can get away with this exhaust and a modifying a plainer way over here this is what it usually will look like this is in focus here that's what it will usually look like if you don't plan on ever hooking it up to a vacuum system you really don't need this but one thing that I do like that about this I don't like being tethered to on vacuum system but what an advantage of having this point it down is it actually will blow the foam away from your cutter head so when you're coming through it will actually blow a path clean path for you so that's why I like that and then one thing that you can't see is the bearings that are in the machine are operated all of these Hitachi planners come from China and they come with really crappy bearings if your bearings say China on them please swap them out for a higher grade a higher grade bearing because they will burn up and what will happen is again I'm going to bring this one that I already have taken apart I'm doing the mods on you can see these holes what happens is they'll burn up and they will ruin this housing and then the entire planer is compromised and jump so you've got to get away from that okay and then lastly on these planters and sometimes you can do away with this I love it but on the back side of here is the belt and the housing I've drowned down a little bit and what that is is the stock housing and and um the stock belt cover and housing what would happen is when you got this and a full cut when this is fully open there used to be a lip there and it would have the planner kind of cockeyed when you're working with it and then also when you're pulling it back it would it would just be inconsistent so that's what that is for okay actually here's a stock cover and I know if you can see that but that's actually got obviously the meat to it yet and then also here's the bottom side side of a stock housing you can see obviously the cutter head there's a cylinder there that holds a bearing but you don't see that here that's what it should look like stock and that's day after and that is about it one thing I should mention is if you guys are doing a lot of EPS foam and and stuff like that you might want to get away from not doing this to your planer because EPS foam does get up in there on this into the into the spindles and stuff in here and it does make that jump off and you go through belts relatively fast that's the advantage of also being tethered to a vacuum system it sucks most of that out and then you don't have to worry about that otherwise a lot of the newer planners come with a black steel belted belt in here and I try to get away from that if you can upgrade it to the more of this um I don't know what color that is it's a tan color it looks kind of like the a bubblegum sole on the old k-swiss that's the color that you want so if that burns up it doesn't throw if you got a black one in there and it starts burning up steel belts actually come out and it rips the hell out of your phone this will not do that okay so that's it for your beginners that is what a modified planer entails alright now as you know if you keep track with me or if you subscribe to me I'm doing a bunch of the videos on all of these for the do-it-yourself or all the modifications so if you want to definitely check them out otherwise we are going to offer a service where we will do an entire planer for you you just send it to us we'll do all the modifications for you or will do one modification for you whatever you want if you just want the shoe adjustment down the flashing adjustment we can do that if you just want the the exhaust we can do that also alright or if you just want the handle relocation whatever it might be we can do it for you alright again this is Brian with new leaf pedal and serf and thank you for watching

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