Miniature Kitchen Tutorial

hey crafters today i'll be showing 
you how i made this miniature kitchen i started by taking a thin piece 
of mdf wood and cut it to size   this will be the back wall of the kitchen if 
you have a dollhouse and you want to glue the   upper cabinets straight to the wall of your 
dollhouse then you can skip this back piece   i'm starting with bottom cabinets by cutting a 
square dowel in to pieces one long for the bottom   one short for the top six small in between 
drawers six slightly longer for the sides this   is the second top piece and lastly the piece for 
under the sink i then laid out my design before   gluing it together i made three sets of drawers 
a space for the sink a cupboard under the sink   and a place for the stove i made sure to make 
the cabinets the same width as the back piece i then cut out drawer and cabinet fronts 
fitted to the spaces i made three small   three medium and three large drawer fronts 
followed by two cabinet doors for under the   sink as you can see i'm using wood that isn't as 
thick as my square dowels this is because i want   the detail on the edges to be flush with the 
face of the cabinet surround however this does   not apply to the three small drawers as they 
don't have detailing on them and therefore are   the same thickness as the surround now it's time 
for the edge detail on the drawers and cabinets   to do this i cut a five millimeter wide strip of 
one millimeter thick wood the easiest way i found   to do this was lay it in place and mark it with 
my exacto knife and then cut it off on my mat   this makes it a snug fit and looks really clean once i have all my pieces i lay 
them in place and glue them down now it's time for the sink i'm making a 
large under mounted farmhouse sink for   this project i start out by gluing the sides 
together and measuring out the bottom piece using sandpaper i curve the two front edges 
of the sink before gluing the bottom in place   i make a round indent in the middle for the 
drain and paint it silver i paint it before   i glue it down because it's a lot easier to 
paint the circle without the sides in the way now it's time for the structure starting with 
the sides i made two rectangular pieces that   are taller than the cabinet fronts 
and cut out a space for the toe kick make a long bottom piece and glue it to the sides   cut a long strip of wood and glue 
it to the front for the toe kick unfortunately i don't have a 
better clip of the countertop   but all i did was measure out a piece that is as 
long as the cabinet structure and back piece and   then slightly deeper than the bottom cabinets so 
it gets a little bit of overhang then measure out   where the sink will go and cut out a space for it 
remember to leave an edge that covers three sides   of the sink to make it an undermounted sink 
i painted the cabinet front and frame white   make sure to have all the pieces separated when 
you paint them so that they don't get painted shut   you might notice that some of the clips are out 
of sequence i've tried to group them together   so that the video isn't too erratic jumping 
back and forth for example i put all the clips   of me making the oven all in one go instead of 
jumping from the oven to the sink and back again i want all the drawers and cabinets to work in 
this kitchen so i'm making the inside of the   drawers now i glue the sides to the bottom piece 
and then glue it to the back of the face of the   cabinet when making the inside of the drawers you 
can either make them the same size as the front   of the drawer if you want a snug fit or you can 
make them slightly smaller i prefer to make them   smaller on the inside because it reduces the risk 
that they might get stuck and you don't need to   worry about being too precise when you make them 
as you have more forgiving measurements i made   three sizes with different heights on the sides 
depending on how deep the drawer is originally   i wasn't going to make an all-white kitchen but 
i couldn't find the exact color i was going for   i also contemplated making the bottom 
cabinets a different color to the top   i want to make an island to go with this 
kitchen at some point so i might paint   that a different color let me know if you want 
to see a video on that if you wanted to have   a wood exterior you could stain the cabinets 
instead of painting them there are a million   things you could do with this kitchen to get a 
different look but in the end i played it safe for the inside of the structure i 
made six supports for the drawers   and four side supports the four supports 
go on either side of the oven and sink start by gluing the frame to the back 
structure then glue the supports in place as you can see i painted the 
space under the sink white   but you can skip this step if 
you'd prefer the wood interior time to install the cabinet under the 
sink to do this i'm using the pin method   using my handheld drill i drill a hole 
straight through the frame above and below   where the doors will sit after that i put 
the doors in place and carefully push a pin   through the hole in the frame and into the door 
itself i don't push it very deep into the doors   once all four pins are in place i test the doors 
before cutting the pins off to measure how far   i push them i place my thumb at the edge of the 
wood and hold it there while i pull the pin out here you can see how deep it was i then 
take pliers and cut the rest of the pin off   once you've done this to all of the pins place 
them back in the holes but don't push them all   the way in yet make sure to test the doors one 
last time and see if they still work properly   because once you push them all the 
way in you can't get them out again   if everything works i use the top of my 
pliers to carefully push them all the way in now it's time for the oven so 
i've started by making a strip   of wood for the top that i paint 
silver and then glue to the frame i then take two pieces of wood for the door 
and cut out a square for the window the back   piece is thicker than the front piece and i've 
cut a sliver off the bottom of the front piece paint the sliver silver and paint the doors black once done you can glue the sliver 
to the bottom of the back piece taking some thin clear 
plastic i sandwich it between   the front and the back 
piece and glue them together for the inside of the oven just make a box that 
is slightly smaller than the opening of the oven   don't add the top yet if you want to make details 
on the inside i got a bit ahead of myself while   filming and i had to remove it to be able to 
reach the inside better paint the inside black   as you can see i made a tiny little edge that 
sits on the inside of the oven this is to give   the door something to stop it from leaning inwards 
if you want to give the inside of the oven details   you can add an oven rack holder i used metal 
wire and bent it into this shape with pliers i used super glue to glue it to the inside   once that is done you can glue on the top and 
then glue the oven in place on the structure   in case you're wondering i use scrap pieces for 
the top and bottom of this so that is why the   pieces are sticking out of the back i just didn't 
remove them as you won't be able to see them later for the handle i wanted 
something a bit more sturdy   so i took a toothpick and sanded down the 
sides so that it would be flat instead of   round i then measured it against the oven door 
to see how long i wanted it to be and cut it off   i also cut two short pieces and glued one 
to each end once dry i painted it silver to install the doors you can use 
pins at the bottom to make a hinge   use the same method as before i remove 
the bottom drawers while i did this to finish off the front make a strip of wood 
to go under the oven leave a small gap so the   oven can still open and close and paint it white 
for the final detail glue on the handle and cut   and glue a black rectangle for the touchscreen 
display i made the display using regular paper   that i painted black and then gave a coat of 
gloss varnish we're now done with the oven   apply a coat of paint to the toe 
kick before moving on to the sink if you haven't glued in the bottom 
of the sink yet then do that now   and then glue the sink in place make sure 
that you don't glue the sink down if you   haven't installed the hinges on the doors yet if 
you want you can add a coat of gloss varnish to   the sink to give it more shine if you decided 
to make your drawers a bit smaller like i did   then you might want to glue a small piece of 
wood to act like a stop so that the drawers don't   accidentally get pushed too far in i added this 
to the inside of the cabinets as well speaking   of cabinets it's time for the upper cabinets now 
using the same method as for lower cabinets using   a square dowel make two dowels for the inside 
dividers four longer dowels for the outsides two   short dowels for the top and bottom of the single 
cabinet and two long dowels for the top and bottom   of the main three cabinets lay it out and glue it 
all together i made the cabinets above the sink   a bit wider to keep it symmetrical with the 
bottom cabinets to make the doors i first cut   out four rectangles to fit the inside frame and 
then cut them in the middle to make eight doors add the edge detail like we did before glue the sides top and bottom to the 
cabinet surround to make the structure paint the cabinets and surround white install the hinges if you want to add shelves to 
the upper cabinets make sure that they don't reach   all the way to the front of the cabinet so that 
there is a little bit of space for the door to   swing open normally you would have two shelves in 
the upper cabinets but i'm only using one in the   main three cabinets i'm doing this because 
i want a lot of space for taller items but   you can add as many shelves as you'd like i'm 
adding two to the single cabinet on the right   to make the handles i cut some thin strips 
of wood and glued supports to the ends paint them black and glue them on using super glue   these handles aren't standard size i've made them 
oversized because i preferred look but if you   want you can make them shorter or use another 
kind of handle if you prefer a different look moving on to the countertop and backsplash 
i used peel and stick marble paper   and folded in the edges around the countertop using scissors i made a cut in 
each corner to make it easier once done i added a hole for the faucet using a 
handheld drill for the backsplash i measured out   where the cabinet sat on the back piece so that i 
had a guide to follow if you accidentally put the   backsplash too high up it will be seen inside 
the upper cabinets when you open them as you   can see i've also painted the back piece white 
where the cabinets will sit to cover up the less   attractive color of the back piece i made the 
peel and stick a little longer than needed so   that i could wrap the excess around the edges to 
the back so that i would have a clean looking edge   if you don't want to use peel and stick you can 
paint it a solid color freehand paint marble   print out or use marble cardstock instead 
or any other design or pattern you'd like   i'm not too happy with the colors on the cabinets 
and the countertop the cabinets are warm white and   the countertops turned out a lot more cool-toned 
than i'd expected to make the faucet i took some   thick steel wire cut off a piece longer 
than i needed and bent it into the shape   i took a piece of tape to mark where the body 
of the faucet would start i then measured out a   long strip of paper to the right width and started 
wrapping it around until i had the right thickness   i glued the end of the strip down with 
glue stick i repeated the process with   another strip of paper to make the handle 
and then glued it to the side with super glue   i also added a small round piece of paper to 
the end to finish up the raw edge i finished   the handle by gluing a small piece of steel to the 
end i used a piece of a pin but you can also use   thin steel wire once dry i painted it black and 
stuck it in the hole we made in the counter top to make the range hood i make three pieces 
for the main structure one small piece for   the front one slightly larger for the top and 
one big piece that will sit on at an angle   i also make a strip of wood to go at the bottom 
on the inside to finish off the raw edge paint it   white before gluing it down you can also paint the 
back white if you want it to look more finished   start by gluing down the top and front 
pieces and connect them with a larger piece   add some details to the top and sides to make 
it match with the cabinets i considered placing   one in the middle going straight down to make it 
blend in even more but i decided against it i'll   insert a picture of it anyway so that you can see 
if you'd prefer that look once done paint it white you can now glue the bottom 
cabinets and the countertop in place it's funny as i was making this i got 
to this exact moment and thought "yes   i'm finally done" and then i realized 
my mistake do you see what's missing? time for the final step the induction cooktop 
i took a sheet of plastic and cut out a square   i then used a blade to make 
four circles in different sizes   i painted the back black and glued 
it to the countertop above the stove   and we're done i hope you liked this video 
and that it wasn't too messy to follow let   me know in the comments what you thought! do you 
like longer videos or do you prefer them short?   i tried to cut it down as much as i could but it 
was still a lot longer than i would have liked   overall i'm really happy with the result if you 
make anything similar i'd love it if you tagged   me so you can see all your creations! i hope you 
have a great day and i'll see you in my next video bye

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