Making Storm Windows, Lesson 2: Selecting and Cutting the Wood

and this is chris personal back with you for lesson two of building your storm panel endo answer the next step is to choose your wood you want to choose a piece that's long enough for all sides of your windows you can be as fussy as you want some wood is covered a little differently than others but in our experience it doesn't make much of a difference before we begin measuring for our cuts we want to square off the ends of the wood that you chose this makes sure is that the wood is all perfectly square on all corners as you cut and measured after squaring off your corners it's now time to measure now these measurements are going to be a little different than the measurements you took in your window for your height of your window you're going to take a half inch off of that figure that you measured at home for the width you're going to take off four inches so that's how you're going to measure the next step is to simply cut the wind to those measurements after we do this we're all set to start drilling the counterbore holes that will be in the next lesson lesson number three this concludes lesson number two

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