Making Plywood Patterns — Chevron, Diamonds, Basket Weave, and More!

everyone like along here so this week I am 
working on a revisit of mill project this is   the powdered plywood storage chest that I made 
for the rockered plywood challenge a little over   a year ago and this is one of my favorite projects 
that I've built on this channel even at the time   that I made it I knew that I was gonna have to 
revisit it and try and make some other patterns   so that's what I'm gonna do this week is that 
I've got a fresh sheet of plywood over there   and a whole bunch of different design ideas so I 
hope you stick around and see what I come up with okay so I have a panel all glued up and 
this is basically the same process as I   did on the original box and basically I've 
cut a 45 degree angle here so I'll sand it   on the surface and now I can run it through 
the table saw the table saw is set at 1 inch   which is pretty arbitrary you can do 3/4 and 
it'll be quicker repeating and then you can   also do like 3 inches and it would be a 
much wider w I've also got the original   push stick from the video and that has a 45 
degree bevel cut on it with some sandpaper   on the inside and that just helps a grip and 
push through evenly as you go through the song all right so you might have noticed when I 
was cutting those that some of them split   apart and this happened to me on the last 
one as well everyone smile there's there's   a connection that just either absorbed too 
much glue or I didn't get enough glue on   there it's not a big deal what I do is 
I clamp down a straightedge and then I   use some star bond CA glue I've got a discount 
code for this down in the description so you're   gonna go check that out I use wood glue on the 
surface first add a little bit of CA glue here   an accelerator on here press those together 
the CA glue acts as a clamp and the wood glue   does the lion's share of the work to hold it 
together and just like that let's put together see there that's the chevron pattern that 
I use on the box and you could stop right   there and it looks awesome this is a great 
pattern what I'm going to do is I'm going to   take another step further and these are 1-inch 
strips so I'm going to cut one inch strips this   way and then when you flip them you should end 
up with a whole series of concentric squares a quick I wanted to thank my patreon supporters 
you guys are the best I just launched it about   a month ago and it's so nice to have a bunch of 
people on there to show my appreciation I'm going   to send you out the sticker which is a little 
piece of my shop that you can put on your shelf   Thanks okay I am working on the second pattern 
and this one's gonna look kind of like a basket   weave the idea is that I'm gonna be using the 
ends of the pieces of wood so you're gonna see   veneer on the face but that'll get covered 
at the end I'm gonna make this pattern three   times in each time I make the powder I'm gonna 
take the end one and move it forward so that   the whole pattern sort of transfers around and 
then when it glues up it's gonna offset by one okay so I've got three of these panels made 
and they are ready to cut into individual   strips I'm going to be cutting them into half inch 
strips which is the final thickness of the panel okay so I have the diamond pattern 
the chevron pattern and the basket   weave and now I've got a whole bunch of 
leftover parts but I'd like to the con   mess around with other patterns so what I'm 
going to do is going to take the remainder   of the scraps the individual pieces and 
I'm just gonna see what I can make out there you go that is a deep dive into pattern 
making and I think I could go even further like   the my favorite ones are actually the ones that 
I get at the very end and just made a scrap and   the scrap itself is just gorgeous I cut some on a 
45 and they are beautiful so there's just so much   potential here and I'm definitely not done and 
speaking of which there will be another video that   comes out where I make these into something if 
you haven't subscribed subscribe now and hit that   little bell because that's gonna let you know when 
this video will come out also if you guys try this   out let me know I would love to see it hit me up 
on Instagram if you if you make an attempt at the   pattern plywood it's super fun and I'm not even 
scratching the surface there's way more patterns   you can do with this and just playing around with 
a scrap and stuff in it it's it's so interesting   and I think that I'm gonna revisit this multiple 
times I definitely want to build a piece of   furniture out of this and a bunch of other things 
so anyway hope you guys enjoyed it if you got any   questions ask in the comments down below and 
I'll catch you on the next one thanks a lot

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