Making Plant Stands 2 Different ways // Easy Woodworking Project

Hey everybody it's Taylor with Boydston Grove and 
today we're going to show you how to make some   stands for your plants. let's get into it! For the first plant stand, I'm just using 
some leftover three-quarter inch plywood.   It's only going to take two pieces to 
make this so it's going to go really fast. For this first stand, I measured the 
pots that were going to go on them   so that way it would make 
sure they have a nice fit. Now, because these two pieces 
lock together, you don't even   necessarily need glue because once you put 
the plant in it, it'll stand up by itself. For the second stand I'm going to be 
using some leftover cedar tongue and   groove that I took out of a closet and a 
couple pieces of scrap oak.

This stand is   basically the same idea as the first stands, 
it's just a little bit more intricate and I   want the legs to be separate from the cross 
piece and I also want the legs to be split. Once I got the design down 
that I liked for the legs,   it was just a matter of cutting them all out. I don't really have a particular 
plant in mind for the second stand,   but I know I want it to be bigger, so I'm 
going to go ahead and just make it bigger   than what our biggest pot already is, with the 
intentions of us transplanting one of our plants. I used my nailer for a quick assembly 
and then Krisztina puttied all the holes   and applied a quick coat of stain. All right, all our plant stands are finished 
and I'm really pleased with the way that they   came out. I decided to make two of this 
design over here so that I could paint one   and leave one natural wood with a couple coats 
of polyurethane. I just cut out the first piece   and then used that as my template to cut out the 
rest so it was a really fast project.

This one   over here was a little bit more complicated, but 
I really like the intricate design and I like the   contrast between the oak and the cedar; it just 
gives it a really unique look. It's obviously   made for a bigger pot than this, but this is all I 
had on hand but it just gives you a little example   of what it's going to look like. All in all, I'm 
really pleased with these and they were really   simple projects that you can do over a weekend 
and really hone in on your woodworking skills.   If you enjoyed this video, make sure to like it. 
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Thank you very 
much for watching! Be safe and have a great day!.

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