Making a Wood Box with Veneer, Inlay and Marquetry | Woodworking Project

just a fair bit of warning this video contains laser cutters. I know many of you are turned off by that but if you stick around you still might learn something. learning! [Music] [Music] don't do that on your cutting mat! [Music] [Music] before we talk about the techniques used in this box I'd like to tell you about today's sponsor and that is Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community with more than 17,000 classes and design videography 3d and much more. a premium membership to Skillshare gives you unlimited access to high quality classes from experts working in their fields so you can improve on your skills unlock new opportunities and do the work you love. Skillshare is also more affordable than most learning platforms out there and annual subscription the skill share is less than ten dollars a month. there'll be a link down below in the description for the first 500 to get their first two months of skill share for only 99 cents.

One of the many ways I use skill share is learning new video editing techniques in Final Cut Pro and there are plenty to choose from from beginner to advanced. for example check out this 3 hour class on visual storytelling in Final Cut Pro. video editing is just one of the many topics. you can also learn how to design your projects on Skillshare. again the first 500 people to click the link down in the description will get their first two months of skill share for just 99 cents. alright let's talk about the techniques used to make this box. there it is. I wanted to challenge myself and use only the laser cutter for this project which is why I cut it out layer by layer out of 1/8 inch plywood. so yes I could have cut this out over at the table saw out of solid bubinga. but my goal here on this channel is to inspire you and to let you know that there are multiple ways to do things. for example this entire box could have been made with a relatively inexpensive scroll saw. no need for table saws or laser cutters.

And just so you know I buy all my 1/8 inch plywood in bulk over on Amazon. I'll have a link to that down in the description below. so basically there are three pieces that make up this box there's the solid Pentagon used for the box bottom and the lid there is the ring used for the box walls and then this little piece which is basically the cutout but a little bit smaller used for the underside of the lid so it has a nice solid fit all the pieces were cut out stacked and glued with just regular old wood glue the box was then covered with some bubinga veneer all cut to size with a veneer and an exacto knife so the lid uses of inlay borders that I purchase the rest is all various species of veneer again this was all drawn up in Illustrator and cut over on the laser there's no question that the laser makes cutting the veneers super quick and easy but this could definitely be done with a straight edge and an exacto knife I used some marquetry techniques and adhered all the pieces to painters tape before gluing it on which allowed me to properly line up everything nice and tight before permanently attaching it I did hand cut the borders around lid that way I could cut them to size all the veneer was attached with wood glue and clamped with calls so the underside of the lid and the inside of the box is coated with flocking which is a red glue and a red fiber on top of that glue which gives it a nice soft fuzzy feel I do have a really old video on my flocking technique there will be a link down below again it's a really old video please be kind and then finally the box was finished with a 50/50 mixture of boiled linseed oil and polyurethane I put one coat on it every day for four days which gives it a nice protective finish it feels smooth but soaks into the wood so it still feels like wood and doesn't have a film on the outside I'll have links to all the tools and supplies in the video description down below most of them are Amazon affiliate links which helps me out to my patreon peeps I have a video coming out just for you that explains why I changed up my video style this is just a stepping stone to something even bigger and over on patreon we're also going to talk about my next five projects and I could use your input and your thoughts to help me out so if you're not familiar with it please check out I would like to thank Skillshare for sponsoring today's video check out that link down below as always drive fast take lots of chances and make something [Music]

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