Making a Tick Extractor from a Credit Card

As it usually occurs when you need to
extract a tick in the woods it often happens to be where one is
unlikely to find tweezers or factory-made tick removal tools
using your fingers you can only grasp a tick's body which can cause its head to
break off and remain in the skin you need to pull
a tick out by its chelicerae and hypostome which
is usually referred to as the tick's mouth-parts
the tick's barbed hypostome is a harpoon-shaped
part of its mouth that almost fully inserts into skin
because it is impossible to pull a tick by its chelicerae
with just fingers there are many types of tick extractor tools
for sale however if you are in the woods and lack a factory-made tick extractor
you can easily make one using a knife and a piece of plastic
for example you can use your credit card or a plastic bottle
all you have to do is to make a proper V-shaped
cut with beveled edges the main advantage of this tick extraction
method is its reliability unlike some other
tick removal methods it allows to extract a tick using only
one hand to demonstrate how my plastic card
extractor works I decided to make a 1:40 scale model
of a tick and extractor because the tick's body has
an egg-shaped outline I decided to cast an aluminum egg using
a sandcasting method I poured molten aluminum
into an empty egg shell nested in sand and used it as a mold
then I polished the tick's model body and drilled a hole on one end
this hole was used to mount a piece of rope
that will imitate the tick's chelicerae and hypostome
then using two scrap pieces of plywood I made a model of the plastic card
extractor you can now see the shape of the V-cut
better both sides of it look like two chisel
bevels that join at the top of the V-cut this scrap board with the countersunk
hole will imitate the human skin
the demo kit is ready and I'm quite sure once you see the large-scale
demonstration of the method you'll be convinced that such credit
card extractor can effectively remove ticks even if you
have no experience at all if you pull a tick by its body
it will just come off leaving ticks chelicerae and hypostome in the skin
but if you do it using an extractor the tick's mouth-parts
will get wedged inside the extractor's V-cut thus
ensuring a full tick extraction you can see that the rope is reliably
wedged inside the model extractor's V-cut this
is what happens with the tick's mouth -parts inside the credit card extractor's
V-cut too it is common knowledge that it is
easier to pull out a metal nail while it still has a head the same thing
goes here it is much easier to remove a whole tick
as extracting its torn mouth-parts alone from flesh would
be much harder if you use a piece of plastic cut from a
bottle it is best to make a V-cut using a knife
keeping the same cut angle to ensure beveled edges of the cut
using scissors is not recommended I will be honest I'm not afraid of ticks
although they are undoubtedly dangerous this is
the first tick that managed to bite me as I always feel insects on my skin
before they can bite me but this time I missed it I was cutting
logs in the boards for my cabin's door and the flying chips masked the feeling
of the parasite's bite this goes to show it is important to
wear proper clothes in the woods at all times
you can see how careless I am in this footage even though
I already warded off almost a dozen ticks off me by this point of the
project don't repeat my mistake if you don't
have tick repellent clothing that gives you almost 100% protection
tuck your shirt into your pants and your pants into your socks this way
a tick would have to crawl up all the way to your collar which reduces
chances of getting bitten ticks are not dangerous because they suck
blood but because they are carriers of dangerous diseases such as Lyme
disease anaplasmosis Rocky mountain spotted
fever and others disclaimer
I don't consider myself to be an expert in infectious diseases
or tick extraction I only showed an impromptu method I came up with
on-the-spot to remove a tick with what I had at my disposal
in the woods if you know about other reliable
or original tick extraction methods please let me know in the comment
section I would appreciate that this is Max
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