Making a Tailor’s Clapper/Point Presser – Woodworking

Recently, my wife asked me, "Could you make
a tailor's clapper and point presser?" I know, right? What is that? Apparently, it is an anvil-like thing used
for ironing. I looked at some photos on the Internet. I am going to try to make one out of a few
of these scraps of oak I have lying around. I decided that big chunk of oak is still a
little bit wet for me to use. I am just going to use this piece of maple for the base instead. I am in my wife's craft / sewing room / office. I had to look up on the Internet how this
is actually used.

If you have a corner that you want to iron
the seam on, you can put it on here. Take the iron… psshhhhh… Like that. Also, if you are ironing a seam on a flat,
you iron it, or steam it, first. Then, press it down with this. This absorbs the moisture. That is how this works. I did not glue these joints or anything like
that. I think this might be a little close to the
end. There are supposed to have a little bit of
overhang right here. This ambrosia bit looks kind of neat. I did not spend a lot of time sanding it. It just needs to be flat. If you are interested in crafting and sewing,
you can check out @lorithemaker on Instagram. If you made it this far, thanks a lot for
watching. See you next time in Lori's sewing room..

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