Making a steam box and bending wood

Random plywood offcut Flanged duct spigot duct end cap ducting offcut Wallpaper steamer They made the pipe with an actual pipe thread, thats almost like common sense! The tapered thread will grip the undersized hole and form a pretty good seal Cheap draught seal *not rated for steam Marking center line 1.5mm holes on both sides Threading welding wire through the holes to acts as supports It will probably leak like a seive but here are some vent holes just in case Ive always wondered what this thing is for, turns out its a purpose made steam box holder "its too big" This attempt took too long to clamp and the oak lost some bendyness Attempt number two This went better but slightly under bent due to spring back Under bent by about 1.5" or 35mm ish I made a jig to take into account the spring back, plus a little extra Placing into clamps to hold the curve until i need them Cutting the beadings to size a few days later Slightly over bending makes it a tighter fit along the curver and the side pieces will retain it Ready for glazing

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