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how everyone Colin can adhere for would work web they've got a great little project today we're going to going to be making this little utilitarian box and we're only making it out of half-inch construction grade plywood nothing fancy but the design is quick and easy and you can make tons of these little boxes and they'll serve all sorts of purposes for you so let's go ahead and get started so what I'm working with today is some rough plywood it's half-inch plywood that I picked up at a construction site in fact I was walking by I was walking the dog past a house they're building they just got finished roofing and these are the offcuts from the roof and they had them at the end of the driveway and to give away for free so I picked them up and I thought why not use these to make little boxes out of you can cut them up into little parts and they're perfect for that so the first thing we need to do is clean up some straight edges now to get started we need to have at least one straight edge and I'm going to be trimming this plywood and I'm going to be going with the grain even though there is cross grain in the center on the on the front in the back I'm going to be going with the grain now like a lot of things we do in the workshop here we're not working from exact plans but I do want to draw what the outside of the box is going to look like because we need to have some sort of a reference so we're going to make it six inches high six inches long or twelve inches long and six inches wide so the outside of the box will look like this and that's all the reference that we really need and watch as we go through what we cut away and how we get to these dimensions I've installed a combination blade in my table saw because I'm going to be ripping and cross-cutting and for this I don't want to have to change blades and anyway I'm using plywood and because I've got a nice straight edge here we're ready to start ripping but the first thing I need to do is set the blade to the proper height which is just about a half tooth above the material set the distance of the fence to six inches the next thing I want to do is square off all of these ends then I'm going to gain cut them all to 12 inches so I cut them all to exactly the perfect length and there's my mark now we also need to cut the MS and they're going to be six inches so there's my six inch mark but remember they're also going to be inset just like the one-piece box so I'm just using a piece of scrap that I have from the cut-offs and there's going to be a quarter inch on each side which is half of this so that should be perfect okay here's all our pieces here's the top and the bottom and two long sides and there's the short side so let's take the top and the bottom first of all and I'm going to pick the best side to be on the outside so that will be this side so what we're going to be doing is we're going to be cutting a dado all the way along there on the inside same with the bottom this is just to give you a bit of a reference so there's the top on the bottom the two sides are going to have only dedos along the ends now we'll put the writing on the inside like that and then the very ends so because we're not using a dado blade we still need to cut this material off here and so I'm going to reset the fence and the blade so that we make a perfect cut and remove this little block of wood here so that we end up with a perfect fatal cut setting the blade height is pretty simple we just use the cut from the last board we cut and set the blade just to the top of that last cut now setting the distance of the fence is going to be easy because we'll still be using our bar only at this time we want to be on the outside of that blade okay the test looks good we'll go ahead now and make all our final cuts so there's all our pieces right top and our bottom are two sides and our two ends let's quickly throw these together and see how they look so there's our box all glued together slicing hard and because it's made out of rough plywood it's this is just a utilitarian type of box but I'm still going to give it a little bit of ass and just mostly to break the edges and when I come back we'll go to the table saw and we'll make a lid from the top I'm going to set the fence at 5 inches and that will give us a top of a little over an inch or so so let's go ahead and cut that so there's our little box with the lid and I haven't attached the lid in any way there's a couple things you can do you could put some little tabs on the inside glue little tabs on the inside like that and then that will grab and hold on so that it won't move off I'm going to take a minute I found some old hinges here I'm just going to take a moment and put some hinges on and and then we'll finish up a little design very easy to make just made out of construction grade plywood there was a throwaway for somebody the first one I made earlier I made to keep all my bicycle parts in and it's just a perfect they're just the perfect size you can make it whatever size you want it fits all the parts for my bicycle and I know where everything is easy to find and I don't even need a clasp for it it's just a little storage thing I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this one but I'm always looking for places to store bits and pieces maybe I use this for drill bits or something so that concludes our video on making the little the little storage box if you like what we're doing we asked you to subscribe to us don't forget to like us on facebook follow us on twitter I'm calling canet for woodwork web thanks for watching you

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