Make wooden balls easy

I have clamped my lathe on a platform, under the drill press. I have turned the drill press head. And I clamped the base to the workbench. And I move this so it doesn't get in the way. Now, when tightening this to hold the drill here, I broke the drill support here. So, to make sure it doesn't move back, I'll have to hold the drill like this. I just hope it doesn't move to the sides and everything works OK. Then, I have this hole saw in the drill press chuck. And the lathe is, under the hole saw, in a way that the tip of the bit runs into the tip of the centre. Like this the bit is right on the lathe axis. Now, once everything is set, I must move this bit away. Now, I already have this piece of wood in the lathe. So now I have to turn on both, the drill press and the lathe. And very slowly I move the hole saw down so it carves a wooden ball. And now I have some problems. It looks like the lathe is not making the wood turn correctly.

And here I can see the problem I had. At some point the spur centre was not graving the wood correctly. So it began to turn against the wood. And here I have the wooden ball. The hole saw caused a lot of scrapes, but after making it with this odd lathe, I think this wooden ball looks not bad. Now I could sand it until it is smooth, but I won't do that job. Thanks for watching. If you like this technique don't forget to clic like and share. You already know that you can find all my videos in my channel in YouTube. And if you like my videos, don't forget to subscribe to my channel..

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