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I'm Daniel and I'm JZ. This is justmightDIY. It is the holidays which is the perfect time for a DIY. So we up-cycle some old pallets and made these trees in just a couple of days. Using a little bit of this, a whole lot of that, a bunch of these to make these beautiful trees! We're gonna show you how we did it right now . Somebody let me out of here! We're gonna make the Christmas trees
out of these old pallets which have been stored on the pool hut since this summer when the garage cabinets were delivered. So now we got to begin the process of deconstruction. So we need to be able to take them apart carefully without destroying too much of the wood because this is all we have to work with to make our new pallet trees.

Absolutely and we hope to get the big
tree out of this pallet's front, the medium tree out of the front of this
pallet… …and the scrappy tree out of the scrappy leftovers. Yes! Well, let's get started! Thought you were coming in with the hammer. Ha ha ha! What I thought was going to be easier than it is it's taking apart these pallet boards. They're old, they're weathered,
they're hardwood and rusty nailed! So take your time, be gentle but effective. With the pallets being broken down we're gonna lay them out so we know we have what we need for our trees. So we've broken down the pallet into the
pallet wood that we're going to use to make the limbs of our trees with. We will step over to the saw in just a few moments to start cutting them down into the lengths and angles that we want to attach it to the trunks and afterwards
we will… …we will sand them because they are really furry wood right now and then after that we are going to spray-paint the branches on the trees and then I'm going to stain the trunks and the bases on them to make them look more like the natural wood.

The nature of our trees was not meant to be perfect. They're rough-looking made from rough wood got from rough pallets. So we winged the measurements but made sure that we stayed with good true 45 and 90 degree angles to make the assembly that much easier. We sanded just enough to make the board safe to handle but we definitely weren't going for a polished look here. Okay, it's time for us to get painting
and staining but we're gonna skip ahead. Ta da!!!! The trees are now spray-painted and while we were painting them we actually decided to add in the merry and bright sign to go along with it. So we grabbed some wooden letters and spray-painted them with silver glitter because it's the holidays… ….and now we get to start taking our painted pallet boards. We're going to assemble them on to our stained trunks and we're going to pre-drill since they're fragile and then drill them with ,you know, the screw into them into the trunk and then for the letters we're going to use the classic super glue/ wood glue combo.

That we used in our sound board frame! Check that video out! You really should. So the pallets didn't have 2x4s long enough to make the trunks for the trees that we had in mind. So we went ahead and took some spare 2x4s we had laying around the garage and use them to mount our limbs on. It's very important with this because you're working with wood that's a little more fragile to pre-drill your holes for your screws before driving them in. We're in a pretty good rhythm on this where Daniel was on the drill driver and i was on the impact driver putting in the screws. Things were going really well until I got a little overconfident with the impact driver. Yep, I split the wood but all good. We back the screw out got some glue wrapped it up with a rope because it turns out clamps don't actually work on triangles and we moved along with the rest of the tree just so we could get all of the branches on it.

Actually came up with a pretty ingenious method to clamp a triangle which you see here where we created a cutout so we had two flat edges. While the other two trees were really
easy to balance this one required a little bit extra. We had to keep a center line drawn on our trunk to make sure that we are matching up the 45s right in the center. You'll also see that we use some extra 2×4's on the side to help balance the branches.

At the very end you will see that we use a flat bottom board to make sure our bottom branches stay nice and level. We have trees!!! and like all trees these need roots… …but since they can't make roots for our trees we're going to take some of our leftover pallet framework and make squared off butt joints where we can simply slide the trunk of our tree into place and like a miracle on Christmas, it's balanced! Let's make some
tree stands! We took one of our spare 2x4s as a guide for the pieces of the pallet that would make the stand. Clamping it to it we secured them in place, pre-drilled the holes for the screws and assembled. All the trunks are two-by-fours so we're
just going to speed right through this because you're just going to watch the same thing over and over. And there we have it! Three stands for three trees! Now all we have to do is get the merry and bright sign.

Now we make the framework for the
letters to stick to. Yep, so we're creating T stands. So basically a bar that goes across the top and then a stake that goes into the ground. We made these stakes pointy at the end to help them go into the ground a little more easily. Then it was simply staining them, letting that dry and then on to attaching the letters. When it came to attaching the letters we used the super glue/ wood glue method and that is where you put super glue around it for that immediate clamp and then the wood glue so it can cure overnight. We did this with every single letter and
we're gonna speed right through that. Well as we were testing out our merry and bright signs we realized that we made a few mistakes; the first is that the signs were way too tall for the trees, a second our stakes couldn't even penetrate into the ground and the third was that when we're trying to get them to go into the ground by tapping them with a mallet turns out that the wood glue/ super glue didn't hold as well as we wanted to probably because we didn't get to use very much because we were trying to keep that backboard really thin.

So, we came up with a solution. We shortened them. So we took our mistakes and turn them into stakes…. …and we also screwed the letters into their support beams rather than relying on the super glue/ wood glue combo as previously shown in our picture frame video. Which does work for that one. So we fully stand behind the super glue/ wood glue combo just not in a situation where you're going to cause a lot of vibrations and don't have very much space to glue and now we're going to screw them into the bases.

Live and learn! Ta da! Ta de! There you have it! Pallet Christmas trees in just a few days! So if you liked what you saw click that like button , hit that subscribe button , ring the bell and check out our list of materials down below! Yep, and if you're not watching this on our website head over to justmightDIY. com for more pictures backstories projects and more!! So for now we're gonna sign off. We wish you happy holidays or whatever you're celebrating this season!! Bye!!.

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