Make an easy wood whirligig

last week when I started doing some research into whirligigs I discovered that there are millions of different kinds of whirligigs there's guys who just specialize in nothing but whirligigs there's books you can get on how to make whirligigs and it's really cool because some of them are just so intricate and complex and really fun to look at I'm sure that would be a lot of fun to explore more if you would like to try this one out check in the description box and I've included a PDF cut list so you can just print it out paste it on your wood and just cut it up and think of that PDF as a starting point because really the fun of these is letting your imagination run wild and coming up with all sorts of creative ideas one of the things I really wanted to do with this project was I was going to do it as a zombie apocalypse theme for the impending zombie apocalypse and I thought the guy would be chopping with the axe but you know you could have like a zombies head just being let me go but alas it just seemed a little bit too challenging for my first whirligig so I went with the guy chopping wood I've got a half inch strip of plywood that I'm going to cut a groove and 1/8 inch groove using an eighth inch bit on my router and for the cat piece I'm going to take another piece of that half inch plywood and cut a half inch groove in it all the way along the links I'm cutting some notches at 45-degree angles that will hold these fan blades and I'm just drilling an 8 inch hole for the center rod and I'm making a second offset hole and while I'm at it I'll drill holes for the guy's legs and his body where they're going to hinge together so what I need to do is take this eighth inch steel rod and I will run it through that center hole and what I want to do is bend it to where it goes over and then back down into that hole I think if I just make some right angles that should work well I can tell you this 8 inch steel wire is a lot harder to bend than I thought so let's see here it should feel close I am well I'm off about a sixteenth of an inch or so well I'll see if I could just mush it down in there somehow well I got it sticking in there that's not exactly the way I wanted it to be I didn't like I don't like this sticking up like that I don't know I'm a fuss with that a little bit more anyways I'm going to drop it into this channel now and just make sure it spins okay it seems to and put this little cap on now what I need to do is make that same kind of bend in that rod over here so I can it'll create a little turning part well I've moved this over to my vice which seems to be the better way to do it and now I keep trying to get this bent a little bit easier well I finally got it and it just took a lot of you know messing around with it and bending and re bending and just kind of fool around with it until I got a nice spin on it but as it is now it works out pretty well I wanted to show you the man what I did with him is I just ran a real thin bolt it's an eighth inch thick bolt all the way through and I put some washers in here and over here and then I just hooked it together with a lock nut that is not real tight just so it can pivot properly okay I've got everything painted and ready to assemble and what I've done is on the fan part I've just put in a couple of washers here just to help it spin a little bit better so what I need to do is I will just drop this into that groove and then I can glue the cap on making sure I only get glue along the sides I don't want glue to drop down in there obviously I don't know if it's really going to help that much but it can't hurt to put a little bit of grease on with the axle okay now I can glue my little man on that just put some glue on his feet I didn't paint the insides of those and just kind of put them down here wherever I think he looks best I thought it would be fun to give the guy a real log to be chopping on so I cut off an old dead branch that was on this Bush here I'm just going to epoxy down sections of this what I've got here is some 16 gauge wire it's pretty thick and so now I just need to run it through here and I'm just going to make a loop and wrap it around itself so there's a lot of factors going on here and if you download the PDF and use this you may want to slide the man back a little bit you may want to change the size of this notch move it forward you know as it is now I probably could have set this whole in his arms further back toward his elbow and then it would have been more straight up and down but I mean it works this way I don't know it's just something you'll just have to kind of fool around with and what I'm doing now is I'm just trying to find the balancing point I browsed around the hardware store and found these nylon tubes these little sleeves I'm going to drill a hole in that pivot point and stick this in so then I'll go in just like that all right I've also taken a redwood board and I've stuck a nail in the top of it as opposed

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