Make a wood chain using a router

hey guys here's a cool project it's a wooden chain all it involves is just making a couple of really simple jigs and once you have those big you can make this as long as you want I don't normally make projects based on plans that I find in a book but I want to give credit where credit is due because the in this project I actually got out of this book it's called the router handbook by Patrick Spielman this is a 1983 version but the book is still available on in an updated version you guys might remember a few months ago I was having some trouble with my router and it was pretty much dying I needed to get a new router well you won't hear something cool porter-cable they sent me a brand new router so I really want to repay the favor to porter-cable but I don't want to just do a product review because that's really kind of boring and I don't want to really do a commercial for them because well nobody really wants to sit through a commercial and besides commercials are just so old-school now the key now is product placement so you know you might see a little product placement in this video but I assure you it'll be really unobtrusive I'm going to start with this base piece which is quarter inch MDF and I've installed a 3/4 inch straight bit into my router table top block on the right side and I've set up a stop block one inch from the end on this side now I've got a piece of half-inch MDF and I'm just going to trace out this oval perfect so there I've cut this out just outside of the line so that I can clean it up on my sander the main important part here is to make sure that this piece fits pretty snugly into that hole this is a quarter inch scrap of MDF and I've drawn a straight line and I've put two marks here one inch apart from each other and I'm using a one in three quarter inch Forstner bit in my drill press to bore out two holes so that just gives me this quick little template that I can use to cut out this half-inch MDF I'm just going to draw the shape right on it and I'm using a really light touch on that sand or just to get it down exactly to that curve now I can glue together this assembly and you know I'm sure there's ups I'm sure there's some good way of getting this exactly centered but I'm just going to eyeball it I'm going to make this little box and to do that I'm going to take this assembly and I'm just going to stick it into that slot I actually cut too because it kind of screwed that one up but anyway so I'm just going to flip it over like this now I've cut some three quarter inch pieces of plywood but everything up against that center piece all right before that glue sets I want to pop this out of there now I'm going to take this assembly here and I'm going to glue it onto this board that I just kind of roughly cut a couple of holes in there just so that the sawdust can go out through there and it also gives extra room for my flush trim bit to fit in I've taken a three quarter inch scrap of lumber and I've glued this this double oval piece to it I'm going down some just half inch strips of the MDF and they don't really need to be square or anything all these need I just want to have enough space in between them that can run a router bit and they're just going to provide support for the base of my router well now comes the fun part I've clamped down both of these jigs to my workbench right next to each other so that I can route out the chains another thing you might have noticed is that I cut these all down nice and square too well to make them look pretty because well really I think all jigs kind of need to look pretty don't think first I'm going to install this 3/8 inch flush trim bit and it's got a bearing on here that will run along the inside of the templates that I made so I'm going to use this little box template first and I've set my router bits where that bearing rides along the inside of that template I've cut a bunch of blocks of wood these are all 5/8 of an inch thick and they will drop into the box like so but before dropping them in I've bored out a half inch hole so that I have you know an area for the flush trim bit to drop into all right so there is my cutout piece so now I can remove it from this jig and bring it over to this jig and it'll fit right over top of that little piece just fine now do you see my error here keep looking okay I'm gonna show it to you again okay where did I screw up on this yeah it's right here this isn't high enough this needs to be up like this high so my router base can run along there so what I'm going to do is use 3/4 inch plywood and kind of build this box up a little bit higher and now it's not gonna look as pretty and just like that now I've got it built up a little bit higher so I can put this block right down on there and yeah it's not pretty any longer I can just take that off of there and there's my first link now I've switched out that straight bit for this quarter inch roundover bit with a bearing and I'll drop that link back into that first jig so that rounds over the inside of one side so now I just flip it over and do the other side now take it out of this jig and put it back into this jig and round over the outside edges and there's the completed link every other one you need to split apart and I'm just using a pocket knife with a real thin blade on it and I'm just going to put it on one side here and tap it just pull it apart and let it break wherever it's going to break well there's my completed chain I've only made five links on this so far but we're actually once I got the hang of it it went pretty easily and it went pretty quickly I made these five links in about 20 minutes just kind of setting up an assembly line and doing each step on each piece and then moving on to the next step I don't sure exactly what you would do with this but I don't know I could you know lock up my Porter cable router with it so thanks for watching guys and a special thanks to that Tool Company that simply is a new router and I hope the product placement it wasn't too obvious anyways I'll talk to you guys later

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