Make a rustic wheelbarrow garden planter. Easy DIY weekend project.

well I gotta say I'm getting a lot of use out of those free pallets I picked up a few weeks ago this week I made this rustic wheelbarrow planter for the garden in the cost well it was free this is another limited tools project that anyone can make in a weekend if you'd like to make it see the description for free plans on the base of most pallets there's two of these kind of boards that have these little openings in them for four clips to go I'm just going to cut one end off of each of these boards those would be the handles all of these slats are going to go on like this but first I need to drill holes for the axle to make these holes it's going to be a lot easier if you have a clamp and that'll hold it steady while I drill a hole using a hole saw I'm just using my sander to shape the handle that just gives me a little bit more of a handle shape and then I round it over the area where the axle goes to I've got an old closet rod that I'm using for an axle and if you'll notice I made these holes bigger than the rod and that's just so that there's some room so I can spread these at an angle I'm just laying out these pieces and measuring the width of the handles up here and down here I'm going to glue and nail these pieces together this wall of the bucket up front needs to be angled out so to get that angle I'm just going to Center it and make a mark here and here and using a square I'll draw a line up to top I can draw a mark two inches over now I need to do is connect these two points and I can use my jigsaw to cut out that angle here's where having a miter saw is really handy I need to make some blocks that are the same angle that I cut this at so all I need to do is drop my saw down I can lock it into place and then set that angle wherever it is it's about a 15 degree angle I can glue and nail these blocks on well I'm taking these blocks off now because I screwed something up let me show you what I did got the angle right on those and everything but the problem is I don't want them to go like that with this big gap these need to come up a little bit so that they can ride on top of that piece luckily the glue hadn't dried yet so I can put these on the right way all right continue one so I'm just going to glue this and kneel it I cut the corners on these side panels I'm going to glue them and I'm going to screw them on rather than you need well it's a good spot to leave it off for tonight and now finish up and put the wheel on in the morning I can take that closet rod and put it into the wheel and what I've done is I've drawn a couple of lines on each side where I want to put some pins now I can just feed that axle through here and I'll put these pins into those holes these are just short dowels and I'm holding this axle in with a couple of long drywall nails those drywall nails I user well these really special ones that they have threads on them and there's a Phillips head on them and rather than pounding them with a hammer drill 6 is decorative it doesn't have to roll but I thought it might be kind of handy to move it around and I cut out two pieces for the legs that I'm going to glue and screw on here one of the best things about working on rustic projects like this is that they free you up to really concentrate on the form and function of the object rather than bogging yourself down with exact measurements or making sure that all of the joints fit together perfectly so free yourself making something like this is easy you can do it in just a day or two no experience necessary and well you'll have something cool for your garden too thanks for watching don't forget to visit my website at woodworking for mere mortals comm follow me on Facebook and well there's a whole bunch of other places you can follow me too oh and don't forget to download the plans for this project see the description for all the links and all that stuff see you later you

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