Make a Pallet Wine Rack with Glass Holder in a Day – Easy DIY by Warren Nash

Hey guys, it's Warren here and today I'm going
to show you how you can easily make a wine rack out of a pallet in less than a day. It has loads of great little features, plus
it makes a brilliant centrepiece to hang on the wall in your home. Firstly, take your pallet then lay it flat
on the ground. Now measure how tall you want your wine rack
to be, making sure there's enough room for a wine bottle to be removed. Mark this measurement on the 3 main planks
going down your pallet which you'll need to cut through in order to separate the pallet
into two. Then you should be left with the main structure
of your wine rack. Also be sure to retain the other half of the
pallet for wood we'll need later. So, the first job is to make the shelves for
our bottles to go in. Measure the area within where the bottles
will be standing then cut a plank of wood from the other piece of pallet – measured
to this size.

Check it fits – and this will be used as a
shelf for the wine rack (so your bottles don't fall through). Do this on both sides then lay your wine rack
down. Measure the width of the piece of wood we
used for the shelf (in this case – 2cm) then divide it by 2. Mark this measurement (1cm in this case) on
the front of the wine rack so we can screw the shelf into place. Do this by making preliminary drill holes,
then using a countersink so your screws sit flush in the wood.

Then screw into place. Each shelf will be carrying quite a bit of
weight so do this in several locations – both on the front for each shelf, and on the back
as well. With the shelves securely fastened into place,
we're now going to make 3 supports running up the wine rack. Now, measure the length of the 3 remaining
planks running up the wine rack (bearing in mind this is a pallet – so they may all vary
slightly from each other). Then cut these measurements from planks from
your scrap pallet wood. Put them into place and check they fit and
make any minor adjustments if necessary. We then need to fix them securely into place
using dowels to start with. Start by marking the centre-point at the end
of your support planks.

Then mark where this measurement would sit
on the wine rack where the supports need to go. Now, using a drill bit that has the same diameter
as your dowels, drill downwards on the mark you've made on the wine rack to a depth of
about half of the dowel. Gently push one in then using the same drill
bit, drill on the mark you made on the support plank, downwards, to just over half the depth
of a dowel. Then put your support into place and gently
hammer it down. Do this for all three supports that run the
length of your wine rack. So, the supports are fixed into place at the
bottom. But we now need to fix them into place at
the top using screws from the back. Ensure the supports are standing up straight
then find their middle point on the back of the pallet. Essentially, we want to screw them into place
from the back and not miss. Again, do this by making preliminary drill
holes then screw into place for all three supports.

Great, so with the supports in place, we now
need to make a shelf for the top. Unfortunately, I don't have a length of wood
remaining that's long enough for the shelf. So I'm going to be attaching three bits of
wood together, cut to size, attach them using dowels and then screw to the wine rack. And remember to use a countersink when attaching
your shelf here so the screw sit flush and you can place things easily on the shelf. Now, depending on the width of the planks
of wood you've used, you may find the supports stick out from the shelf you've just attached.

If you want to remedy this, you can do so
easily but cutting down the supports, flush with the top shelf and partway then turning
this into a curve. Cut down the support until where your straight
line ends then use a coping saw to cut round the curve. Don't worry it it looks a bit rough and ready,
we can fix this when sanding the wine rack down. OK, it's really starting to take shake and
my lawn is really starting to take a battering! The next and final thing I want to do is add
a glass holder to the bottom of my wine rack. So, using a scrap piece of pallet wood to
the length you'd like your holder, mark where you'd want your wine glasses to hang. Make sure there's enough room at either end
of the plank (for supports) then measure a centre line going down the length of the plank. And on this centre line, for each circle you've
drawn around the glasses, mark a centre point.

Then, using a drill bit that's thicker than
the stems of your wine glasses, drill on each centre point along the plank. Now, draw a line from the edge of the plank
to each edge of each hole you've drawn on the wood, then using a saw, saw along each
line until you reach the hole. And when the wood falls through, you should
be left with some slots for your wine glasses to hang from. And remember to do one final check to make
sure the glasses fit in. Make an minor adjustments if necessary, then
using some more scrap pallet wood, cut out some supports to attached the glass holder
to the bottom of the wine rack.

Start by firstly screwing the supports to
the wine rack (using a countersink) then screw the glass holder to the supports. Again, be sure to make preliminary drill holes
beforehand to make a nice neat job of it. And finally, I'm going to drill holes through
the wine rack so it can be attached to a wall. And don't be shire with the holes because
it's going to be quite heavy when fully loaded – so the more, the merrier! And that's the structure of the wine rack
finished. And now, show your pallet some love and give
it a sand all the way around. And this will really finish it off nicely. And if you wish, you can also stain it – here
I'm using an oak varnish. Leave it to dry thoroughly and ensure the
wine rack is structurally sound for it's purpose (and secure further where necessary). Then it's ready to hang on the wall. So, on a strong wall, mark the places you
need to drill your holes to hang your wine rack on the wall – making sure it's level. Then, carefully drill your holes to a depth
of the same length as your raw plugs – also using a drill bit of suitable thickness so
the raw plugs fit in.

Hammer it in at the end if necessary then
repeat for the number of holes you drilled on the wine rack. Then simply position it in place, in line
with the raw plugs then secure with screws. And it's really important to use screws and
raw plugs that are heavy duty enough to support the weight of the wine rack when it's fully
loaded. And when you're happy with the finish, it's
time to start loading it up with glasses and your favourite booze. And there you have it. That's how easy it is to make your own wine
rack in under a day from a pallet.

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