Make a Pallet Log Store IN A DAY – DIY Pallet Wood Projects by Warren Nash

There's nothing worse than when you have a
big pile of logs delivered for your fire but you've got nowhere dry to store them. So, here's how to make a pallet log store
in less than a day. Firstly take a pallet. Then decide how tall you want your log store
to be. Cut your pallet to this size, making sure
the planks are running horizontal. Be sure to save any scrap pallet wood for

Now, count the number of planks that run up
the pallet (and in this case there are 7). Then, using scrap pallet wood, cut twice the
number of planks to the depth you'd like your log store. In my case, I have 14 planks, each to the
depth of 50cm. Next we need to attach these pieces of wood
to the pallet. Take some measurements to make some pilot
holes on the wood then briefly leave these planks aside. Now we need to cut two support planks for
the front of the log store. Measure 2 50×50 millimetre pieces of wood
to 5cm taller than the pallet then cut to size.

It's having these two pieces of wood slightly
taller than the pallet that will give you a sloping roof that will allow water to drip
off. Next, lat the pallet down and we'll now start
attaching the planks we cut earlier to the side of the pallet. Gently, through the pilot holes we originally
made, screw the planks to each side of the pallet. Stand the log store upright and don't worry
if the planks have started to fall downwards because now we're going to attach them to
the supports we cut earlier.

Take the pieces of wood we cut slightly taller
than the pallet and again, through some pilot holes you made earlier, screw the planks to
the piece of wood. Do this on both sides then the basic structure
of your log store should be complete. To prevent the sides of the log store doing
this, all you need to do is get a couple of scrap pieces of pallet wood and screw it to
the insides. It has to be screwed on diagonally. Do this on both sides then your log store
should be structurally sound. Now we'll make the roof. Measure the width of your log store and add
5cm to that length for safety. Mark this measurement on another 50×50 millimetre
piece of wood and cut two pieces to this size.

Place these two pieces of wood pushed up against
the base of the log store and take note of the measurement between the two pieces of
wood. Again, add an extra 5cm for safety then cut
two more pieces of wood to this size which. These will form the frame for the roof. We'll need to attach these pieces of wood
together so make pilot holes where necessary and screw together with some heavy-duty screws. When you've finished assembling the frame,
check it clears the top of the log store and it fits nicely, then take a large sheet of
hardboard. Lay the frame on top of the hardboard then
run a pencil around it to measure it to size. Saw the hardboard using either a handsaw or
and electric saw. Don't worry too much if the edges are a bit
rough because we will be covering it in roofing felt later.

With the wood sawed to size, check it fits
the frame. If you're worried it's too thin and it sags
when pushed, you may want to add a few extra supports in the middle of the frame. When you are happy with the structure, use
a hammer and nails to secure the hardboard to the frame. When you've hammered nails in all around the
roof and the hardboard is secure, it's then time for the final touch. Take a roll of roofing felt and roll it out
on the ground. Lay the roof on top leaving some excess roofing
felt all the way around. Then cut to size. Begin carefully wrapping the felt around the
roof and secure into place with clout nails. When you get to the corners, carefully trim
the felt using a stanley knife which will allow you to wrap it around the corners.

However, take your time and don't rush it
because roofing felt can tear easily. Continue nailing the felt all the way around
and trim on the outside and inside where necessary, until secure all the way around. That's the roof complete. All we need to do is attach it to the top
of the log store. Place the roof on top until you're happy with
it's position and simply secure into place using screws – attaching it to the frame wood
and the wood of the pallet on the back. Once done, it's time to find a home for your
log store. Then fill with all your logs.

And that's how easy it is to make your very
own log store out of pallets. If you love this DIY project, remember to
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