Make a king sized bed frame with lots of storage!

having troubles getting to sleep try counting microjig maker of the gripper work smarter and a big thank you to Casper for also sponsoring this week's episode this week on woodworking for mere mortals I've got this awesome king-sized platform bed with storage it's got six drawers this is a false front so that this drawer can open and this one at the head of the bed is also a false drawer front because it would be impossible to open with the nightstands the construction is simple it's made with two parts that are fastened together once it's in the room to simplify construction I want most of the board's in this project to be the same width that I don't have to rip down any narrower these are all three and a half inch or 89 millimeter wide boards and as you can see I've already got a truckload of them to further simplify construction I'm using a limited number of tools mainly my miter saw for cutting all the boards for the shorter pieces I've clamped a stop block to my fence to make it easier to cut them all to the same length as with most projects it's usually best to work in sections I'm going to build the frame first before I cut any more pieces in case I'm off a little bit I'll be able to cut those pieces to size I'm using pocket screws to assemble a basic frame the trick of this project is making two of everything and making sure that they're mirror images of each other I'll give the spacer to align the center supports I'm going to glue and screw these frame pieces together I thought I'd reinforce these corners to help keep it square before I put it all the crosspieces with the outer frame is built I've taken careful measurements for the cross pieces now I can cut those to size to make the sides of the drawer runners for the foot of the bed I'm going to offer a couple of four I'm going to use this board just to raise it up so that creates this little ledge for the drawer to slide on the George will slide along those guides like this and after getting all of the rest of the cross pieces installed the right hand side of the bed is all framed out this is going to be a drawer here drawer here and in a long drawer at the foot of the bed here I'll glue and tack these thin strips all along the inside these are what the slats are going to rest on I'm also going to add a few screws just for good measure these boards are upper guides for the drawers so they don't tip when you pull them out I'm finishing this with a coat of Danish Oil I'm using my crosscut sled to cut the plywood for the drawers there's a lot of different ways you can construct drawers I find the easiest ways to cut a rabbet along one edge of each of the sides that I could drop the bottom into for these drawers I'm going to use the same plywood for the sides as I use for the bottoms and five more to go think I'll give it a test drive before I make the others looks good I cut all of the drawer faces out of solid wood and since the drawer is sit so close to the ground I don't want to put poles or knobs on there that might get kicked so instead I'm going to just put a little finger pull all the way around I'll use this round over bit to round over all the edges the trick is going to be to get all of these lined up correctly what I've done is I've made a series of spacers this one is going to show me how far from the top edge the drawer face will go I don't want to reference off of the bottom because my garage floor is uneven and I'm going to hold it in place temporarily with a couple of Brad's now I can secure it permanently with some screws this one will be a little bit easier since there's no drawer involved and once again I've made up spacers to align the slats I'm securing each one with a single screw on each end let me take just a moment to talk to you about the sponsor of this week's show Casper mattresses if you saw my Murphy bed build you're already familiar with them you know that the mattresses come delivered right to your door again one of these big boxes this time I've got the California king-sized mattress which is going to be interesting to see how I can get it on the platform bed a word of advice if you get the California king make sure you have somebody at home to help you with it oh I feel like I finally entered the 21st century with our mattress we have that old-fashioned box spring and mattress for almost 15 years it had gotten to the point where it had developed one of those valleys in it was giving us a backache when we woke up in the morning which is really why I like the Casper mattresses it's a new modern kind of mattress it's a hybrid that combines latex and memory foam to give you just the right amount of Bounce and sink and I like Casper because they sell their mattresses at a reasonable price point this king-sized mattress sells for only nine hundred and fifty dollars and if you've been looking for mattresses you know that that's well below the industry average in addition to that for viewers of woodworking for mere mortals Casper is offering a $50 discount on any mattress they sell just go to Casper com forward slash woodworking to take advantage of the deal Hey sooner or later you're gonna need to buy a new mattress I hope you'll check out Casper and don't forget go to Casper com forward slash woodworking to get that $50 discount I'd like to thank you for watching this week's episode of woodworking for mere mortals this turned out to be a really big job it's a simple project but there's a lot of parts to it if you'd like to make your own platform bed check down below for a free set of plans and if you're interested in building a different type of guy check out my Murphy bed video here's how it works lift this up the legs fold up holding the mattress in and then it just gently fold up thanks for watching everybody I'll see you next week you

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