Laptop Stand, Snack Table, or Bedside Desk – Weekend Woodworking Project

hi everybody today I'm going to make a laptop stand that has an adjustable height so that you can pull it over your lap while you're sitting on the couch or in the bed it can also double as a snack table while you watch a movie or the big game or you can also use it for breakfast in bed so stick around and watch me make it this entire project can be made using a single eight foot one by twelve and I've got my cut diagram and cut list ready and I'll make these available on my website and the first thing I need to do is chop this 1 by 12 down over on the miter saw into 3 18 inch sections and 1 24 and a half inch sexy I want the table top and the base to be 14 inches wide by 18 inches long since a 1 by 12 is usually 11 and a quarter inches wide I'm going to rip each of these in half and then I'm going to rip two 3-inch strips off of my other 18 inch board and glue that into the middle to make both of my top and the base 14 by 80 while the glue is drying on these I'm going to head over to the table saw and cut my other pieces all right I've got all my pieces cut and ready for assembly but before I do that I'm going to take the top in the base and square off the edges I'm going to round off the corners and then I'm going to use my router table to round off all the sharp edges now I'll give everything a good sanding we'll put it together and apply a finish so let's wrap up this project you I've designed the stands so that I can adjust the height from 26 inches up to 32 inches tall and what I did was cut a slot in this vertical support that's going to hold the top and the slot is going to ride on a quarter inch bolt that gets inserted and through the slot and into this hole into the side piece so when I put that through there on the other side I'll put a washer and I will use this little thumb screw to tighten oh hi I didn't see you there don't forget to go to my website and read the full article on this project where you can get the plans to build one yourself you can adjust the size to fit what you need and don't forget you can also use it as a snack table or for breakfast in bed so as always thanks for watching and I'll see you next time

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