I got third place in qualis Yes very nice, cool Now we are straight to TOP 8 and our first opponent will be either Allar Aasma or Holger Lunter Just before I showed you that the weather is very nice and dry, but as you can see now.. It is raining now We have actually prepared for this, everyone said before that it's not going to rain, we said, it will Everything is going as planned, so we will be going strong Alright, see you This time it didn't go that well in tandems The rain that arrived, probably had some influence why I didn't get through to the next round But no worries, only more to learn from here, at least our car's technical condition is very good I personally think that we've gotten better, there's still much to improve Congrats to Allar who made it to next round We ended our run in TOP 8, but everything's fine, everyone is alright, we didn't roll the car 5 cars weren't that lucky this time Today is saturday, next friday we have to head to Latvia The next competition is in Bikernieki Let's hope the weather is a bit better in there, better track conditions See you there Accidentally filmed in slow mo the whole time 🙂 Hello, we are back in Tallinn, and as promised, we'll talk a bit of the new Kia Sorento we have been driving the whole weekend During the short time we've had it, I can say, that this feels very nice I'm not only saying this because it's a new car and instead of 300000 mileage it's done only 10000 The car's dynamics, the equipment, it's comfort and looks all together form a nice combo I still haven't figured it out if the car is on air suspension or regular springs, it behaves really well on the road It is maybe because of the electric shocks or because of the air suspension, we'll figure it out, but it is really comfortable The impression is not only coming from us, but from most of the people, who have tried it and been positively surprised A good and really comfortable car for your daily errands It is not just a regular Sorento, it's a plug-in hybrid You can leave it charging for the night and if you work close by, you can drive fully electrically to the spot without worries How long did it take to fully charge?
In the morning it was full Since it's a hybrid, it recharges well in the city too If you don't have any battery charge, it will just use petrol to drive and recharge the batteries It regenerates with braking so in the city if you have a lot of stopping and accelerating again, the battery will be recharged better With city driving you probably exhaust your own batteries, but the car's will recharge This SUV easily competes with German models and will probably even be better than some of them And you definitely have to take into consideration the quantity you get for that price For the same price you won't get a German car as good as this one, it just won't make the cut There are probably reasons for it, but as an end product, for a regular user, this deal is much better At the end of the day, it is just a consumer good, so price and warranty are important, which is 7 years for this car You can just use it for 7 years or so and get a new beautiful one after that again We approve the car, it was a fun weekend with it, the car did well Even if the weather was bad, in the end you can just head back home with all the comfort settings you can think of I would prefer driving the car daily, so if you are looking, sponsor me, we can print my big face on the side of the car And my face on the other side, Michael Motorsport team car But yeah, let us know in the comments if you want content that's more like this as well, not only drift related stuff This time we tried putting the review in the drift video and merge with it In the beginning we did videos specially for the car under review only, they were lengthy and harder to produce Currently, when we have drift season, it is easier to tie the review with our competition trips Right now that's easier for us, but let us know what you think We're trying to give you the impression of the car while actually using it for something at the same time This gives maybe a better user's perspective of the car Like, share, subscribe.

See you next weekend.

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