Insulated Doghouse for 2 / Roof Opens for Easy Cleaning / Built in One Day!

in this video i am building this dog house i 
have three pups and i built them a doghouse   two years ago that is actually big enough for all 
three of them but one of them this one right here   will get inside the house first and not let the 
others in yes i could just cut in another opening   but since he's territorial about his space i 
decided to build a completely different design   to keep everybody happy this new dog house 
has two rooms with a dividing wall in between   i've incorporated heating pads so the space is 
nice and warm during winter and a roof that is   on a hinge so I can easily get inside to 
change out blankets and beds or just check in   on the puffs let me show you how i built it let me 
think this video sponsor real quick which is ariat   i first grabbed my armor workbench and moved in 
a pile of two by fours from my truck to start   cutting into pieces i made a full set of plans 
with a cut list before beginning this project   so that i could immediately 
take my bench to the miter saw   pull my boards off and cut all the pieces needed 
all at once if you're interested in the set of   plans and cut lists for this dog house or my 
previous dog house those are available over on   my website i made stacks of all my parts over on 
another workbench as i was cutting them to keep   them organized i kept all similar parts stacked 
together after freeing up my armor bench i wheeled   it over to collect them all and moved everything 
to my main workbench to start assembling first thing i worked on building is the platform i 
included this so that i could elevate the doghouse   which will keep the floor of the house dry even 
if the porch gets wet after laying out my main   two by fours i laid out the studs to connect 
the two then join them together with screws next i brought out my triton track saw 
and cut down all of the sheet goods needed   i'm wearing a respirator made by stealth mass 
which is the lowest breathing resistant of any   half mask on the market if you're interested 
in getting one you can use the code april 10   to get 10 off this first piece will be 
the decking to the platform i just built   i always prop my sheet up with a scrap board 
to elevate it slightly then i change the depth   of my track saw to just cut past the thickness 
of the sheet but not into my workbench perfect now to put this onto here and now to screw it down i quickly run around the 
perimeter and attached it in several places now i   push that aside for a second and start building 
the walls it's just my system that i always grab   all of my pieces needed and lay them out of my 
workbench before getting started i noticed the   spacing on the studs will be too narrow to fit 
a drill in after i have things attached so i   wanted to get the diagonal member in first to do 
this i clamped a straight edge and just a level   in my case to a workbench so that i would have a 
straight reference for both studs to rest against   this way i could pop this piece in while having 
plenty of room on either side to screw it in   after repeating to make a second then i joined 
these studs to the bottom plate i applied wood   glue and two screws per stud first going along the 
bottom and then moving along the top on the top i   have a few pieces that intersect with another stud 
since this is a doghouse and not a real house i   pulled out my armored pocket hole jig and used it 
to drill a few pocket holes into this side this   will give me an easy way to attach this member 
to this thinner stud while face screwing the rust well that's one i repeated the process and built 
a second which will be the back wall it is amazing   how quickly the whole build goes before attaching 
them to the platform i next built these smaller   units that will connect the front to the back 
these are two eye shapes and one t-looking shape   that consists of full two by fours and then some 
ripped down two by fours the reason for these will   make more sense in just a few minutes as you can 
see i gave the base a quick coat of paint first   but then i grabbed my front 
wall and lined it up in position   i threw a clamp on it quickly just to make sure 
it didn't fall on me then i screwed it down   making sure to get at least one screw per bay 
into the 2×4 member of the platform's 2×4 next¬†¬† i positioned and attached the center walls here i¬†
used a square to make sure i was attaching things squarely then finally i placed and attached the 
back wall now for mine i think having a two by   four will give my dog enough sense of space to not 
make him fussy with the others but if you wanted   to you could very easily skin both sides of this 
or one side to completely make it 100 blocked off   from the other room the next obvious step might 
seem like it should be building out the roof but   the roof will be hinged so i saved that for last 
for now i moved on to adding the siding to the   bottom portion i just built for material on this 
you can go with anything but i chose beadboard as   i think the texture dresses up quite a lot all on 
its own i use my cut list to pre-cut all of the   panels needed and then started attaching you can 
very well use screws here but since i have a brad   nailer i applied wood glue then popped in a few 
nails to hold it while it dried i did this on both   of the sides first then it on the front and then 
on the back of course i could have stopped there   it is just a dog house after all but why don't we 
cue it up a little bit bring in the trim this is a   simple step that in my opinion completely changes 
and enhances the project i'm using one by boards   that are pre-painted white to save on time then 
adding it all around the perimeter of each side   white boards can easily be found in stock 
at big box stores but if you want to go   with a different color i just recommend 
painting your boards before attaching them   on the door entrances i used a wider piece and 
laid it flat so the dogs would have a nice flat   landing of sorts ah that's so cute okay with 
that done let's build out the roof the roof   is simple enough it's just some two by fours 
to make up the framing and bead board on top   i started by placing the two by fours on 
the body of the house then adding the cross   members to the tails these pieces aren't 
attached to the studs below because i want   to hinge the roof and make it accessible from 
the top so for right now they're just rest in place i add the bead board to each side 
i use the body as a reference to get it   flat against the back and to the 
rafter tails now to add the trim   these are simply added to the underside of the 
rafter tails and attach to the trim on the side i always pre-drill a slight hole 
on hinges to make setting the screw   easier now let's see if 
the dogs will go inside yet makes sense that they have to get used 
to it in the meantime let's finish it up   with the roof hinge now it was on to 
adding trim to it i do love bead board   but it's pretty thin too thin to add trim 
directly to the edge of so on the roof i   cut down some scrap and glued a small strip 
under the front lip on all three front edges   this will give me more meat to attach the trim 
to instead of the nail just blowing it out   this trim does act as a handle for lifting up 
on the doors so the added strength is needed   once again it is crazy how 
much of a difference trim makes you're probably wondering what about the big open 
sea don't worry i gotcha for me my house will be   under a porch and rain won't touch the top but 
the solution for making the house water tight is   to add a ridge cap i made this up with two trim 
boards again just cut wider than the other trim   then the important part here is to 
only attach it to one side of the roof   this will mean that this side of the house 
will always have to be opened up first   but it will also mean water won't have 
a way to drip down onto my sleeping pup easy peasy again you could very well stop there 
however i added one more feature to my house   i have a bump out on my porch that creates 
a nice nook once the doghouse is placed next   to it this gives the pups a nice open 
spot to lay so that they can see things   but be blocked from the wind to increase 
their comfort and add function to the   house i left my platform long and 
attached a slotted roof on the side   so that any pup lane here will also be given 
shade and be raised up off of the porch it looks like this area has past inspection now 
there are several things you can add to enhance   it further for mine i added insulation to the 
bottom bays of the platform and inside the walls   i also threw in a few heating mats i didn't even 
know this was a thing but what a wonderful idea   i drilled a hole in the back wall to run 
the power and now feel fine if i have to   leave my pups on a cold day having a hinged top 
means i can have very easy access to the inside   to switch out the bags blankets or pads oh and 
of course a cute sign had to be made for it before letting you go let me think this 
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big thank you to aria for supporting my channel   and what i do i really hope that this video has 
made you feel confident or inspired you to build   your own dog house don't forget if you want to 
simplify it i do have a full cut list material   shopping lists and step-by-step plans for this 
dog house as well as my previous one i've linked   those down in the description for you i guess 
that's it i will see you on my next project if you have been wanting to make a rocking 
chair then i have templates for this design   right here or if you go to my website i have 
templates for tons of other projects as well you

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