Ingenious DIY Firewood Rack – No Tools, Cheap

so I thought my subscribers that heat with wood might enjoy hearing about a really ingenious DIY firewood rack that requires no tools it needs cinder blocks some four by four studs and some two by four uprights I treat the ground with borax prior to prevent termites and carpenter ants how much wood will this hold of course that depends on your wood and how you stack it I'm going to probably add quite a bit and round it off go higher but I would say you're going to get between a quarter and a half a cord on one of these I'm building two and hoping to get the bulk of a cord on two as you can see it's extremely sturdy and again I can go much higher by rounding the middle if you put this on a pad like this put some borax down to discourage bugs you'll get the airflow it's keeping your wood off the ground it's a pretty good deal and as I said cheap and simple to make with no tools okay so there's number two and you can see I stacked it a little bit higher add a little bit more to that back one plenty of room for air to circulate to get in and out very sturdy right now it's getting getting pretty close to the hold and board maybe three more days in the board between the two anyway give it a shot think you'll enjoy it thanks

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