Infinity Mirror DIY Project [Step-By-Step Guide]

Hey there, glass geeks
and mirror enthusiasts. Have you ever noticed
an Infinity Mirror and wondered how it's made? Join me as I teach you phase
one to starting your Infinity Mirror project. I'm Sam, your mirror illusion
specialist and DIY guide. Today, we'll be focusing on
our infinity mirrors that are made out of frames. But before we begin,
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with our latest videos and tutorials. [MUSIC PLAYING] In our shop, we've tested
out building our own Infinity Mirror frames. But you can also
order some online. If you're not big on
using power tools, I highly recommend you
check the description below. I've made a list of
some of my top choices for online shadow box frames.

Comment below and
let me know if you're more interested in
building your own frame or ordering one
that's already made. (SINGING) Let's go. Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh. Whoa, oh, oh, oh. To start your
project, you're going to need to decide
what type of wood you want to make your framework. In our shop, we
have an assortment of wood frame options, which
you can check out on our website to see and get an idea
for what type of wood you might want to use. For our pumpkin display, we used
our black smart mirror TV frame to create this.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Grab safety glasses, gloves,
earbuds, and a face mask to protect yourself
while crafting. What you'll need to
do is measure out your wood ahead of time. And then use a chop saw to cut
things down to the right size. From there, you'll take it to
the routing table, where you'll make space within the
frame for your glass and your LED lights
for later steps. Once you've finished
measuring everything out, it's time to add glue. Take your frame
and apply the glue to the edges of your frame. From there, you're going
to want to clamp everything down and let it dry
for up to 24 hours. Add finishing touches by
sanding down your frame and coating the
entire piece in paint if it's not already colored.

[MUSIC PLAYING] And viola, you've just
finished phase one to creating your own
custom Infinity Mirror. Hurray. [MUSIC PLAYING] Tune in next time to see
phase 2 of this video series and see all the
extra steps you need to take to make an
Infinity Mirror. From the frame to
the type of glass you need to use, as well
as what lights to purchase, I'll take you through
every step of the way. With everything
that you'll learn, you'll be able to
make an endless tunnel effect within a frame. I'm Sam, your
guide to all things mirror illusions
and glass-related.


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