Impossible Origami Folding Door

so I was searching around on the
internet for some cool stuff and project inspiration when I came across this
crazy folding door I tracked down where where turvy he's
the one that built this door and I asked him for permission to build a version
for myself hey it's Johnny and man I absolutely love your door and I would
love to build a version for myself what do you say hi Johnny
thanks for getting in contact with me my Audrey really came to see you build one
of these doors to shed at home I was super excited and I knew this door would
be perfect for my shop but first I had some rearranging and some framing to do
to make it all work alright so I've got the wall done, and the doorway framed up and now its time to move on to actually building the door itself but first I jumped over on my x-carve and cut out this 1/3 scale model to give you guys kind of an idea how this door works, the different parts think of this door as two squares, you have an upper square and a lower square now both of these squares have to be exactly the same dimension for this thing to work well now within each square you have a large triangle, a center trapezoid, and a small triangle where the two halves of the door meet up then you have 3 pivot points, one at the top, one at the bottom, and one at the center.

And everything pivots around the center point alright so there's 24 pieces that I need to cut, so I better get to it. and real quick I want to show you all
this 3d model of the door and throw up a shot of all the dimensions in case you
want to screen grab those for yourself all right all my pieces are cut all the
miters are ground in and now it's time to start welding these frames together
precision is going to be the name of the game on this build so making sure that
all those angles are nice and square making sure that the top frame and the
bottom frame match exactly and the way I'm going to do that is I'll assemble
the bottom frame first tack weld it all together and then use that as a template
to assemble the second frame right on top of the first one and then once I
have it all together I can come back and run full beams real quickly before I move on to the
next steps I wanted to stop and explain what I'm using as the hinges on this
project and what is going to be the center pivot point so four hinges I'm
using these these are called pillow block bearings I'll use two of them and
this three-quarter inch shaft which will slot through this will get attached to
the frame inside the doorway and the door is gonna pivot on these basically
what's a makeshift hinge now in the center it's very important that
everything pivots perfectly around that center point and for that I'm using
these super heavy-duty bushings also 3/4 inches I'll use this same piece of steel
rod that'll slot in there like that and that Center will pivot around this giant
bushing so I have to install this by laying out exactly where it's going to
go in between the two Center triangles and then cutting around that and then
welding this piece in place to one of the triangles and then there's a plate
that's gonna go over that will attach to the other triangle and everything will
pivot around that using that 3d models in Sketchup I
created SVG files and the doornails and imported those into Inventables free
software easel all of those panels are then carved out of quarter-inch Baltic
birch plywood all right I've got all the panels cut
out and now it's time to apply a stain I went back and forth for a while as to
what the colors I was gonna use on this door and what I decided is I'm gonna go
with an all-black theme I figured the easiest thing to do was use this this is
called indie ink it's super cheap I'll leave a link for this down in the
description like I said I've got to apply the stain to all of these let that
dry and then I can come back and do the epoxy pours in those voids that the
light will be able to diffuse through alright time for some epoxy pores in
these panels and the reason I'm doing this is to completely close off the door
but then to allow light to diffuse through it so to do that I'm using total
boats two to one epoxy this is kind of my go-to and I'm gonna pour it in these
little voids that I cut out over on my x-carve now the reason why it's all
taped up and clamped down in this fashion is because this quarter-inch
plywood it's got a bit of a curve to it so if I don't clamp it down
chances are the epoxy is gonna go everywhere there's still a possibility
that might happen I really hope it doesn't I think I've taken all the
precautions here so I'm gonna mix up some epoxy add just a touch of white
pigment to diffuse it and then start pouring it in these boys okay so it's time to get this door hung
in the doorframe and as you see I've already got a speed square clamped up to
keep my hinge hardware nice and straight I showed you before but I'm using these
pillow block hinges and this three-quarter inch steel shaft as my
makeshift hinge and then I'll mount it with some four inch if I can get this
thing back on I'll mount it with some four inch lag bolts into the studs
there's actually two studs back-to-back right here and that should be strong
enough to hold this door that I'm guessing weighs somewhere in the
neighborhood of 70 pounds pretty pretty stout door but this should be strong
enough to hold it and that should work in theory
in theory hey thanks for watching and make sure to
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