I Cast and Turned Cardboard Packing Material – You’ll Never Believe The Results

hmm i wonder whoa look at that man that was a fun turn 
i'll tell you something all right i really   really like how this came out 
let me tell you about this uh   i had a dream a few weeks ago uh about uh the 
honeycomb of inside of a packing uh packing crates   and we were walking in in home depot and 
i looked over at my wife and i said i'm   gonna grab this and they had like four or 
five of those pieces just sitting there   and i grabbed it as i grabbed it one of the home 
depot guys comes up and he goes he goes oh now   you're going to steal our trash so it was pretty 
funny i guess i guess you had to be there but uh   people ask how i come up with some of the stuff i 
do um i dream about it mostly you know i'll come   up with an idea but let me bring this in so you 
can see it see if you can see the inside i know   you saw it on that that that curl cell look at 
that thing man all right let's uh get you good   back on me all right so this is just cardboard you 
cannot feel it you cannot see it uh it is resin   is what this is i use the aztec gold which looks 
like honey to complement the honeycomb that i knew   was inside this when i cut it uh head on down hit 
the comments tell me what you think about the bowl   tell me what you think about anything hell tell me 
what you don't think about uh and while you're at   it leave me a comment on something you'd like to 
see turned if i can cast it and turn it with my   tools i'll give it a shot i mean i tried it with 
the steel wool bowl did it with a mac cheese bowl   yes i know that they weren't macaroni shells they 
were shells and or pasta shells but that's okay   um got some other stuff coming up i did the i 
believe i released the insulation bowl last week   so that one was a fun one uh this one was 
actually a little bit funner a little bit   harder to do because of all the resin inside uh 
you guys didn't see it but i'm having trouble   getting the scratches off the resin so i only 
showed you the axe paste uh once or twice i   actually did it four times this time we got the 
scratches out um i don't know what else to say it   actually went fairly good as a thing i didn't put 
my logo in this one i'm out of logos right now so   it's okay and i'm not gonna burn this one in all 
right until next time head on down hit the thumbs   up button hit the subscribe button hit that bell 
so you know when stuff's coming out and stay cool you

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