I Carve A Landscaping Rock (and other shenanigans)

Rick's mantra as soon as he appeared Wubba Lubba Dub DUB Yijuye contains profound meanings about life! I went to buy a stone first! ! (We will buy a D stone!) Positive ah ah ah Edo D and jam are strong. Eat well. Yi D Shitou is so cooked with noodles. *Hmm~ o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o* *Pick up the D stone" Uh uh uh uh uh uh I hold on to the old DD Oh, it's still positive. I still like it. Big guy, I really like it I don’t know what to do Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow? It's so pretty by one! *dum stone* Take a look at the stones in the face according to D bag.

I lum tightly to solve the symmetrical situation, just like still So good, so perfect I hope I will be very happy when I come out with a pile of rocks. It is for reference only. It’s not very comfortable to make a stone bed *Amplify at the same time with the sound of a car* Thank you Jam stone, your D jam is the most correct. With buried you will ROCK. *Xilu’s filial piety laugh XDDDDD * Oh, the gun, he only wears a pen. (A gun? D gun?) Overcome the canal. You can see that I have already started the draft with a pencil. My family talks wildly so softly, because the D trains tightly, I will be so loud and beggar.

But you know that I sometimes stay up late. I forgot to show my shape, I can’t stop at all *Play music* *Draw rocks* Uh oh… It should be good, hang… I'll know it later! You already know that it will become bleak. I don't even know how to do it myself. But I will try it. Oh? Follow me like this? She is so cute! I really want to eat it. (Don’t take it seriously) Let me go to the shed to enter the noodles! *Music works strangely on the mud ground* Bee: Bzzzz Wow! bee! Oh my goodness. A bee wants to kill me D: I’m not super allergic to bees, but they are all worse than bee stings.

See Li, I had a whole field before. . . Imagine it! Hey Hey, there is a bleat on my bar? Baa Li? Good nuclear sudden. Oh? Department of mud. Okaaay. Yi D is what we want to do. Use the same. Seems to be a diamond cutting disc? I will go along the border of Sumito. Grind a shape out of Li with a deep D. Put it on the outside, and then I will use it as if it’s a footing. Or maybe, deep D Then, I want to use it, like a diamond grinder. Then I will grind away the stones in the background part. Meeeeweeeereeereeewuuuu. So Yidu will have a D curve, and then Yidu will be hollowed out. I will use a tool similar to Yige to dig Meeeweweweweeee.

Okay, let’s do it! 😀 *Music**carved stone* *Turn old stone to look at you* *Carved stones at different angles* *enlarge* I think Edgar criticized me tightly in his heart. Baa ghost wild. Ok And home You can see… Hope you can see it. At the end, I'll be a dragon. But this is… I have never been too hot, so I want to bury Yidu. After carving, go back down. Engage in Yidu afterwards. Department according to degrees. It's not Yidu.

Department according to degrees. Oooooooh. Okay, and home We have to dance when we are so happy to carve the stone. We have all the edges, and we are all focused on the old stone. He even painted old stones. He has a pai-look face, and he painted tightly on the old stone. *Bob Ross Theme Song* Depending on your world, you can make Or break the rules *music* Yiyanye has nothing to do with me, but… Uuuuhhh. Look at the fruit that I found in the market Mano is called Central Market.

A pineapple has a narrow road. AW-HA A BB version of a pretty boy! : D I just want to shake it down to make sure he feels loved and safe. Look at it, BB Apple. so cute Yidu is Baa the Lilliputian Country? Orange wild? Look at the next lemon? I entered into a narrow parallel world, and I was not a place where rich people bought the wild Alright everyone! Sweep away D dust with Yi Ge Zai I think it's acridine. I like spirals. Understand that I want to talk about it first! Go in and go in a curved surface on the inside.

Is there any focus on the machine? Mr. Camera should not focus! I will do system Draw the D line at Yidu Tong Yidu, straight D water chestnut out of Li. Then I will use Yiyi, which is another diamond drill bit, just a weird place, and dig down the digging field. I will do it a few times. Do you see the edge of Yitiaoqudi? I will repeat it.

Until the channel becomes more and more thin. So Lai, start work! *Play music again* Hello, I am a full-subtitled Guotiao friend, Suki, my neck hurts so much. Thank you for looking down at me to write *Play music again* *Show juggling skills* *Juggling while riding a unicycle* Hi, it’s me again, subtitles friend, I hope you like my D subtitles *Play music* To the point of Yi Yi. I have polished it. And I lum I will add D to decorate it Use one of the circular Dongdong Lei to reshape the D hole out of Lei I feel good-looking, like the tentacles of an octopus. So, why don't you experiment? Technically speaking, the whole thing is an experiment from beginning to end.

Ok! *Crazy playing music* *Dancing while watching you* *music* Don't tie it up. It's just a but. Focus! Excuse me. 😀 One last thing Do not know what to do with Yiyan. I want some coat of varnish. I hope Seno *spray* So I have to bury the other side after I dry it. Oh oh oh oh oh [ __ ] up, haha. carry out. I'm so excited by this one. I hope you like it. Leave a message if you have any ideas Keep in mind that I will use the finished parts: An old stone spring Electric grinder worth 60 dollars Diamond grinding head for about fifteen dollars. All points are good, if you still like it. Shouldn't it be a bad thumbs up, if you don't like it, just subscribe Logical acridine Don’t need to do it for me, just think it’s Edgar You look down at the canal, and the wire rack! So until next time I love you… what.

. . It's foggy! Edge Am I on the side? ? ? I'm going to stop 🙁 Goodbye! Wow! Jian Ji kicked high, watch it! WHEEEEEW! How positive! :D.

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