How To Whitewash Furniture | Step by Step DIY Tutorial

Hi there! My names Rosanne, and I am the co-founder of Country Chic Paint! If you're anything like me, then you'll
love looking at cool projects on Pinterest, and when I saw these pallet wood stars,
I just knew we had to make some of these because they're perfect for demonstrating whitewashing! So, Iasked Stephen our
shop manager to make me some up, which he did and I think they turned out
pretty cool! Okay let's talk about whitewashing.

First of all, whitewashing works best on a
piece of unfinished wood. So say you have a piece of oak furniture
with a clear finish on it, I suggest sanding it really well
with a sandpaper sponge and removing the shine, and opening up the pores so it can soak up your whitewash better.
With whitewashing you don't want to try an get opaque coverage. You want to have a hint
of the paint on it so that it still shows the wood grain underneath. So I'm gonna take a piece of pallet wood
and show you how we do this technique. Step 1: start by using a metal brush to
open the pores the wood Step 2: apply simplicity.

You can apply
the paint at full strength or you can thin it with water up to about one part
water to 2 parts of paint. Make sure to go in
the same direction as the wood grain. You don't have to get perfect coverage just
get it on about seventy-five percent of your surface Step 3:immediately after applying it you'll
take a damp cloth and wipe away as much paint as you want
to create the look you're after. If you realize you've taken off too much
of the Simplicity you'll simply go over it again with
another coat of paint and wipe it off again! You can build up your coverage in layers
like that. That's all there is to it! It's pretty simple isn't it? Now let's
take our star and whitewash it! There's no reason you can't use any
other color so I suggest playing around with colors
such as Vanilla Frosting Elegance and Pebble Beach for example. So this is what it looks like!

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