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welcome to DIY from homeowners we're mother daughter projects I'm Seth I'm Vicki and we'd like to thank the Home Depot for sponsoring this post today and for providing today's tools and today we're going to talk all about the rotary tool and accessories you need a dremel well dremel is the brand name but this is a rotary tool but yes I mean Dremel because that's how we all refer to it Dremel actually the brand name that makes all of these accessories tools and more and more lots more we don't have all of them we're gonna talk specifically about the rotary tool today because there's a ton of accessories for this tool which is great but sometimes that can be overwhelming cuz you may be like well what can I do with it because I can do everything but I need to what's one thing I can do with it so we're gonna break those down and show you some of the accessories how we've used them and maybe give you some ideas we're gonna be talking about two of these rotary tools one is the one you're probably familiar with it's the corded version and it come out with a new battery power or not battery perfect for places where it's what really would be awkward to plug in a rotary tool first we're gonna talk about sanding and polishing and here you can see I am polishing the brass feet on this mid-century chair and it does a beautiful job getting them cleaned up [Music] and just recently I discovered like a take that battery-powered tool and cleans on the grout and some of the harder to clean places on my kitchen tile now I want to talk about some of the sandy and grinding tools so first I want to actually show you this is one of their sanding accessories and this is actually the collet that it hooks onto so I'm going to show you how that works as with any Dremel you just push this to hold to lock it in place and then you just twist right here take out whatever sester you have and I'm gonna put this accessory right in here I'm going to twist that in there lock it in place and for this one I'm just gonna pull this up put my sanding acessory on here right here pull it down and then it's nice and locked into place ready to go here you can see we use this sanding accessory on a log we made lots have a lot of weird kind of intricate spots that you need to sand around and it work perfect for that we also use it on a dog dish that I made a couple months ago it worked great for getting around the rim because an orbital sander or something like that would not have worked well also last week on workshop Wednesday mom showed you how to make a fat ciy using a terra cotta pot and this is the tool she use and it worked great next we're going to talk about cutting accessories and general let's come out with a new way of locking the accessory onto the collet and I'm going to show you that right now this is actually that there ez lock system get your cuttings accessory you see that little shape right there and put that off pop it in place give it a little turn and push that back and if you've done it right it won't fall off here you can see we're using the cutoff wheel to clean up this picture frame and also we used it when we did a fence repair to cut off nail heads so those are just a couple of accessories that are made for the drummer rotary tool they also have this kind of this cool attachment right here this is called h2 flex shaft and what this does is it attaches to your actual dremel and it helps you have like a little bit more precision like when you're if you were engraving things like that so mom is actually going to do some of this for us we haven't used this yet so we're gonna see how it works so she's gonna hook this up and do some repairs to a piece of scrap wood that we had from a recent project that she thinks it looks like a nameplate so she's going to put her name on it and clean up the edges a little bit and show you guys how that works so taken away mom Wow good job the mother I know this is so much fun to do this is literally the first time I've ever used this tool yeah and I could see where it could be really addictive do you think you can get more control with the Flex shop then like the radio definitely yes definitely because it's aiming over the weight the the the profile so much smaller is more like a pencil than having to hold this big giant and this heavy – yeah this takes all the weight on for pens tonight well we hope you enjoyed our little Dremel rotary tool rotary there you go see every can see we call it a dremel drywall every tool we bring you and the assessor's hopefully you enjoyed learning about those and if you have any ways that you can get used a dremel rotary tool that we didn't talk about let us know in the comments below so thanks for joining us and remember we have a newsletter that we send out every week that you can sign up for to get emailed to you in the comments below we'll see you next time thank you on eBay [Music]

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