How to transfer an inkjet photo to wood

You're going to want to use any kind of
adhesive-backed labels that are made for inkjet printers. In my case I happen to have these shipping
labels and I'll just peel them all off. The side that had those labels is the side
you're going to print on, not the back side. So I'll put this into my printer the way
I normally would. A couple of things to consider when you are
choosing your image is to pick images that have bright colors in them
because they will lose some of that saturation when
you put them on wood. Secondly, your printer doesn't print white, so anything that's white in your picture
will be the color of the wood that you put it on. It's a good idea to pick out the lightest
colored wood you can find.

And finally, if your image has any text on
it, you will want to reverse that in your imaging editing software. When you are ready, just print it out the
way you would anything else. It'll look really faded out like that but
don't worry, there's a lot of ink on there. Mainly, you don't want to touch it or it
will smear. You can take your time, because that ink doesn't
really dry on that transfer material. First I'm going to attach some tape to the
back of this print so it won't move around when it's on the

Now I can flip it over and I just want to
be careful here that once I press it down, I don't more
it around. I'm going to try to find the top and center
it as best I can. It dries almost instantly on the wood but you probably want to seal it in with some
sort of a clear coat. I'm going to use some spray lacquer. And this will make the colors pop out a little
bit more, too..

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