How To Start A Ferro Rod Fire

yo what's up everybody a super fly fat guy 859 coming at you again and coming out llamo try to start a fireman i honest to god I've never done this before but you know I'll be watching Dave Canterbury so clearly i'm an internet expert and uh I got my do Mike here we gathered up a little a little tinder bundle and I got some dryer lint in there right here I don't know how well you can see that cuz the Sun the Sun is on point right now but we're gonna see if I can get some some answering away that's all right this fire striking something sucks you're right buddy i think i'm gonna pair hold that I love you your night yeah no I got it on my side right all right we got flame oh there it is there it is there it is now do something about it yeah pinch the tender balls I'm a guy get hahaha it I'll be watching Dave Canterbury man like how we got all the stick from the left and the Brussels on the right cuz that's what he says the do man then you pile it on working great hey shut up you piled on and then it goes up duties he says now you know he this where he's like you can walk away from it was a blow on it nah man let it so different kind of fire Mike I'm gonna trust me of an Internet expert bro see you wanna keep all them sticks see look look at it working keep all sticks as far away from the fire as possible apparently ah it's getting out of control here you well you might want to move Mike and Ike I think cuz i wanna you want to put all these sticks on there but you want them to be you know you don't want them to be in a big-ass bundle because uh you want some hair to get through there right I get that long-wave radiation is Lundin likes to say what you do with that case that I gave you there we go the striker on this thing sucks I can't remember what this is cold but um wow that's hot tell but uh yeah they sell them on blade HQ but the striker on there sucks ass I gotta move yeah over there yeah but uh so here it is man here's the fire trying to get my big ass belly in their book what I try to stay away from them I trouble getting the fire in here um that's not exactly on center like I wanted it to be so grab one stitch bang way see if I can push that over a little bit we're going to be cooking on this so hey don't stick we're on fire when I Drive him just now it was so here's the fire guys I'm gonna go ahead and tend to it but I want to do a little video see if see if a guy that don't know what the hell he's doing could do it and I did I you know we had some dried leaves we crunched up some bark off of a tree and we found an old paper towel that was half rotted away on the ground and some dryer lint and the dryer lint took this spark and then it let the rest this on fire and now we have fire so everybody take her easy

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