How to Shou Sugi Ban Wood -Using Wood Dyes

what's up guys I'm Nick and this is 
Build Dad Build where there ain't no   party like a West Coast party 
and today we're doing a little   experimentation kind of like that one 
time in college in the hot tub with   that foreign exchange student named 
Sven you know I'm talking about so   filming us on the off chance that a 
video will come out of it there's a   likelihood that none of this footage 
will be used but it should fuel future   content damn that looks good I had a 
subscriber asked me if I knew anything   about Wood Dye and the answer to that 
is no I mean I know how to stain wood   he has to be specifically about Keda dye
never heard of it Chuck Norris never heard of her so I went to the 
Google's and I did find a bunch of   cool images of stuff that people had 
done but I couldn't find a good video   that really explained exactly how the 
process work these are powders and   you have to add them to a medium and 
the first thing you heard is you have   to use lacquer thinner and then I read 
where you can mix them with alcohol but   then I watched a video where guy just 
mixes with water and then the ratio is   really confusing like use 1/4 teaspoon 
you use 1/2 teaspoon use 2 teaspoons   or somebody would contridict themselves
and say well normally use an eighth   of a teaspoon but in this instance I'm 
using a teaspoon so today I'm going to   set out to see which mediums I want 
to use what ratios we're gonna start   low and see if those penetrate well 
enough and just overall see what kind   of results we can gather so if you guys 
want come along with me on this journey   and let's figure this out together 
but first we got to burn some way I interrupt this regularly scheduled 
video to let you know that we've had   a casualty my my GoPro session flew flew 
too close to the Sun and got all melty   anyway it's all gross it all melted 
up I think the footage is still   good though camera seems like it might 
still work anyway when you're playing   with fire kids be careful where the 
flames going if you're interested on   helping you pick up a new GoPro camera 
I have a Patreon page go check it out   at 
and help me not be such an idiot and now   back to our regularly scheduled program 
that really sucks man I don't even think   they make the session anymore I think 
you have to buy the bigger one now and   this was eyes cool because I just throw 
my pocket you know see if I can find it   use it cuz I think it still works but I 
can't read the display and also I don't   know what's setting them on and this 
has some issues but that's a good look   camera okay so here's where we are now 
we've got our test pieces burned kind   of do varying degrees I don't have a 
whole lot of faith in this one it's   not looking good the rest of them look 
pretty good though and before we go any   further just so you have an idea this 
is the diagram that comes with this on   how to mix ties that's a lot of steps 
that's a lot of if this then that so   we're gonna try to maneuver through 
this without it being all alright so   before I go all crazy and start trying 
to do a million different things on a   million different pieces of wood 
I wouldn't know to try one thing   one thing that came up over and over 
again and the materials I read and the   videos I watched was if you want the 
stain to penetrate real deep just use   water I want to make these dark lines 
even darker so I'm gonna put a color   on there it's really gonna pop okay so 
what I have here you get five packets   you get a black one a blue one a red one 
a yellow one that looks orange and brown   okay so I'm gonna take the black and 
this is an eighth of a teaspoon which   is pretty pretty sure that's all I need 
two ounces of warm water and you just   want to mix it around and then you want 
to let it sit for about ten minutes and   make sure that everything dissolves it 
okay here goes nothing we're just gonna   apply the black stain with a piece 
of t-shirt to this piece of wood alright guys so I kind of closed up shop 
a little early yesterday it started to get   really windy and rainy and a cold 
front blew in it is like currently   about thirty degrees so I'm freezing 
but this morning it came down and I   took the nylon brush to the piece of 
wood that I dyed black yesterday and   I got to say not super impressed of 
the results here is the piece of wood   that had the black dye on it after I 
went ahead and hit it with the nylon   brush and here is a piece of wood that 
just was burned and scraped so I'm not   seeing a whole lot of difference right 
there that part of the experiment may be   a bust what I'm gonna do now is dye 
both of these blue I went ahead and   mixed up some blue dye this morning 
recommendation is that you use warm   water and then let it sit for about 20 
minutes I guess the dye has to acclimate   to the water oh so that one is an eighth 
of a teaspoon of blue dye two ounces of   water and we're just gonna stick with 
water right now so let's get staining 20 minutes later So currently here's 
where we're at this one right here is   the black dye with the blue this one is 
the blue dye with no black funny thing   is right here this almost looked green 
right now but I don't even know if the   blue will translate onto camera right 
now it's it's very dark a very subtle   okay after good scraping this is the one 
with the black dye so that's looking a   little better there it's kind of pulling 
that color out it still looks more green   than blue to me so that wasn't the 
black dye this is the one without   the black dye kind of a similar result 
I'm not really seeing like the black   dye isn't really doing anything for me 
as far as if it's making any sort of a   difference so I think moving forward 
we're just going to kind of skip the   black dye now maybe I'll do a little 
bit more resource to see if that's a   viable option in the future but I 
think we're actually seeing plenty   of darks we want to see more lights 
to kind of give it that contrast so   next we're gonna take one board I'm 
gonna mix up some red with water with   lacquer thinner and with alcohol and 
then we're gonna apply it in three   different spots on this board and 
see what kind of differences we see it looks like we got a little bit better 
progress with the red this is two coats   now and the top piece looks fantastic 
and get some light on that middle piece   looks okay and then the bottom piece 
which is the alcohol I can't tell the   difference now granted this is 99 
percent alcohol maybe that's just   too much alcohol maybe it needs to be a 
lower percentage of that I know you can   buy 70 the lacquer thinner looks like 
it might have its place but what I'm   really liking is what happens when 
you just use the water and the dye now   that we have a baseline for what works 
and what doesn't work one of the most   appealing things about the Keda dyes 
is the fact that you could mix your own   colors so next I'm going to mix or try 
to mix a purple and an orange the one   that looks orange is actually the yellow 
pigment you'll see in a second that's a   hot water one more it looks Orange when 
you slosh up on the side it's yellow   it's about 1/16 red might have been 
too much yeah that's gonna be orange   same here with the red just a little bit 
of blue go a little bit more blue that's   that's more of a burgundy I think you 
said you could even mix them a little   Brown to take the edge off the purple 
or take the edge off the red okay it is a day later and I've let 
these kind of sit overnight I'm not   super happy with the results the orange 
doesn't look too bad the purple which is   kind of more of a more of a wine color 
it's it's okay it's got some subtlety   to it the first two we did still kind 
of have that green color to them but   I think I can do better I think we can 
do better so what we're gonna do is I   went back and reviewed some of the old 
videos that I was watching and it seems   like what makes this dye really pop 
is really good contrast we're gonna   cut up some more wood we're gonna burn 
some deep and some light the light ones   obviously will have a good amount of 
contrast already because we won't have   that kind of brown intermediate color 
the ones that you burn deep I'm gonna   take a wire brush to them sacrifice 
a little bit of the smoothness to try   to really get down to that that light 
light wood so we can get some really   good contrast that pops then I'm going 
to take I'm gonna mix up probably five   colors I think and we're just gonna 
apply that to both types of wood see   what we get I'm wearing my purple maker 
AF shirt because currently purple is my   white whale I went back and watched a 
little bit more YouTube on how to get   that purple right we're gonna see if 
we can get it right today if you like   this shirt it comes in different colors 
you don't have to get it in purple it's   in my merch shelf down below check 
it out alright let's get to work all right charred the boards that we're 
gonna mix our colors I'm gonna do yellow   I'm gonna do green I'm gonna try to 
do purple again yellow is just yellow   pigment I've got half as much yellow 
pigment in the second one so 1/8 of   the tablespoon I'm gonna add blue as I 
go and then it's my understanding that   to make purple it is one part blue two 
parts red and then you can add a little   brown to kind of round out the color 
so we've done the I've done the blue   and the red in here and a tablespoon 
of blue half four tablespoons of red   all right yeah let's get alright while 
those dyes are acclimating to the water   whatever that means I am going to scrape 
the char off the deep charred boards ended up not even using a wire brush 
I used a more aggressive nylon brush   on the drill and it worked great 
so check this out it's a little   wet because I just just cleaned it 
off but see how we've got definitely   contrast we've got some lights in 
there that's what we want to pick   up the color so maybe my first 
round of experiments could have   just been user error and I just 
didn't remove enough material all right it is moment of truth time 
full disclosure after I dyed the wood   and let it dry I hit it with the couple 
of coats of Krylon lacquer this stuff's   fantastic if the board seemed kind of 
shiny that is why now let's check out   our results first we have the purple 
I still didn't get the color I want I   don't know what this color either 
I want it kind of uh a little bit   more of a royal purple but I did get 
a purple here's the deep burn with   purple and here is the light burn with 
purple so you've got a better contrast   over here but this didn't take the 
purple nearly as well I think it's   because this was already so dark next 
up we have the blue kind of a similar   situation I think you can see the 
blue a little bit better but it's   still a dark dark blue this is the light 
burn light burn again just didn't take   that stain as well next we have green 
which kind of similar thing I don't   know if that's gonna really translate 
it's gonna look really dark here's the   green on the light burn doesn't look 
too bad come on lime color alright   so here's where you're gonna start 
really seeing back they get kind of   the winners of the show here this is the 
light burn yellow looks pretty good huh   if you saw that you wouldn't be mad at 
that you wouldn't kick this out of bed  but if this was in bed with you would 
you kick it out of bed for this damn   that looks good mmm don't smell that 
so this next one I have to admit may   have been a little bit of user error 
but the the light burn orange looks   like I didn't get enough orange like 
enough dye on it mainly there's this   kind of light now looking at it looks 
like that's SAP which just like made   the dye not stick to that part but still 
not a bad result but then you got this look at how ridiculous that orange 
looks like I said the warm tones are   definitely stealing the show here is 
the red on light burn still not too   bad not too bad alright alright 
I see you I see you do you still   see me look at that if I can get 
it to focus that is ridiculous that red is just so rich I'm hoping 
that that red translates on to what   you're seeing but if there's anything 
I realized in the second round of tasks   and to definitely be more aggressive 
than you think you need to be when   you're brushing the wood which I think 
is the problem a lot of you guys that   have reached out have have run into 
is that you don't want to like ruin   your piece of wood right see you don't 
want to go too aggressive on it I'm not   saying you can't ruin it but I'm saying 
maybe just try to go a little bit more   aggressive and see if you get that 
result that you want cool oh what's   up guys whoa I didn't think I was gonna 
make it that time I really didn't think   that was gonna work I really thought 
that I was gonna have some really bad   results and then magic happened it was 
crazy crazy crazy crazy so just goes   to show you that just because you hit 
a roadblock if something doesn't turn   out the way you want it to it doesn't 
mean you shouldn't keep pushing forward   that's when that's when just does like 
great little discovery moments happen   and that's what this channel is all 
about this channel is a community of   people that like want to learn but we 
wouldn't learn from each other we want   to reach that next plateau we want to 
reach that next next magical moment for   lack of a better term so I'm glad I got 
to share that with you today the product   that I was using today is called Keda dye it's K-E-D-A D-Y-E I believe I'll link   to the sample pack down below check it 
out like I said it's like 17 bucks super   easy to work with as far as ratios it 
seemed like about 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon   per like 2 ounces of water I know that 
in the video I used one ounce quite   a bit but that was only because I was 
reducing the amount of dye I was making   and I didn't have anything smaller than 
an eighth of a teaspoon we did have a   slight casualty with the the GoPro I'm 
pretty sure that all the footage that   took for this videos on it but when I 
was getting ready to pull the memory   card it came up and it's a camera 
malfunction on it so she may be dead   I'm not sure we'll see alright guys I 
don't want to take any more your time   this I think this video is gonna be 
long anyway because I've been through   several processes and I just want to 
say thanks to all my subscribers out   there thanks to my patrons you guys 
are the ones that make the videos   happen if you haven't subscribed yet 
please consider hitting that subscribe   button it just helps me to continue to 
put out good content I feel like this   video hit that like button if that's 
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favor share with a friend if you know   somebody who's looking for that that 
new wood finish have them checked me   out but until next time guys hey thanks 
for sticking around thanks for uh thanks   for having a little whisky with me 
Clinkies but now I gotta get to work but man if there's anything I learned 
from the second round of tests it's   that be more aggressive than you 
think you need to be when you're   starting the UPS truck across the 
street see kind of the strip that   goes down the middle feels like it 
just wasn't like there was an airplane   flying overhead or something would you 
kick it out of bed for this looks good

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