How to Remove and Mud Over Wall Strips | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #24

hey guys my name is Sam and I'm Angela
and you're watching Green Acre homestead we are in the middle of a budget DIY
mobile home renovation and right now we're working on my kitchen today we're
going to be doing drywall work electrical work and prepping for paint
all right so what I'm going to start off with is some of this flexible quick dry
spackling and I'm gonna go ahead and touch up just the few little spots that
he's finished I added a couple of screws in the drywall so I need to patch them
up and just give everything a good once-over while Sam's doing that I'm
gonna use our ten thousand on one tool and take the strip's off the walls that
scream mobile home see the big ole it's pretty hard to peel off whenever
you got many coats of paint over top of it I'm done doing all of the spackling
of the walls that I can do right now until angels done pulling the strips off
so I'm gonna change gears on my end and go ahead and start putting these outlets
in the wall here skipped ahead I did the light switches already because we really
need to have our lights here above the sink I've got it pulled back out of the
wall though because I need to figure out the circuit feed direction through the
wall I don't remember and it's been a while since I did the wiring so I'm
gonna get the tester out which is over there turn the breaker on and check my
power to find out which direction the power goes and then I'll wire up my
breakers nope and then we'll wire up my outlets
nothing good the powers not coming that way that's got juice that doesn't okay
powers coming from here to there to there and then on down the line so this
is my incoming line not going and the other a jacket incoming outboard here's another question you're probably
going to ask in the comments below or tell me rather you don't need more than
one gf I outlet on a circuit I'm doing this for
aesthetic reasons I sneaking around the toolbox looking for a tool when I found
some better more beeping that's right beefing light switches these are Hubbell
brand commercial frame toggles I'm going and replace these really cheap junky
ones and put these in place and then these can go back to Lowe's because they
have a barcode on the side of them but since I found these I'm gonna use these
they're a lot better if you guys like this kind of content where you see
people renovating their homes on a budget or just on paycheck to paycheck
and they're normal people we have another channel we'd like for you to
check out it's called 1806 stone house they're linked in the description below
it's a husband-and-wife team they are doing a much more in-depth ring other
than what we're doing but it's still fun to watch if you guys go check them out
let them know that we sent you to them and if you already knew about them let
us know too it's kind of cool to see who watches whose channel in this kind of
realm of YouTube videos here's our way of fighting over the
strips in a mobile home don't know if it's 100 foolproof because the first
time doing it here so if you want to see if it works a long time stick around
long time yeah Angela's already reading my mind she's gonna bring me a couple of
drywall nails that's all right nails the ring shanked they're not gonna
go anywhere guys all right a few things about the wall here this little vent
that I just took out is nothing but a hole I cut through the wall into our
bedroom up at the top to allow our hot air from our propane stove to come
through the house heat the bedroom and kind of circulate the air better just as
a bowl cut through the drywall obviously I left my stud in place and I put a
grill over top of it I took it down because I'll be mudding this area it was
gonna be in my way also took time to hammer down all the
staples and kind of make sure this joint of the drywall pieces are indented so
that'll take mud better and then come in with drywall nails and tack everything
down really good next up is to get some drywall mud go ahead and lay down the
base and set the tape alright that's good enough for my first
part of setting the tape I'll let this dry for a while and then we'll come back
and do a larger mud job to continue to feather out the joints we got this awesome undersink organizer
from one of our viewers thank you very much and we're going to try and install
it now perfect look what we got we've got so many comments about it so we got
some to try thank you for the comments it's awesome thanks well guys thanks for
coming with us today as we installed the outlets we did some drywall work some
prepping other walls for paint and showed you guys a little bit how to hide
the strips well not hide them get rid of the strips
on mobile home walls be sure in stay tuned and subscribe for us for part two
where we finish out the strips and we actually paint the kitchen next are you
ready for that I'm so ready for that I know you are thanks for watching we'll
see you guys next time right well guys we're gonna say future
but now look my head's lumpy though that's not gonna help
oh I was born that way we did great on that first tag now we're gonna mess
about oh I know I will yeah we did well guys you

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