How to Perfectly Paint Wood Signs with Make Vinyl Stencils Made on Your Cricut

hello everyone my name is Jennifer maker today I am showing you how to make a vinyl stencil to paint a would sign with sharp lines on the great maker show and tell one of the more popular home trends these days are wood signs with names or phrases or whatever really on them and they're really so easy to make and personalized last year I taught you how to apply vinyl to a wood sign my welcome sign over there you guys have made so many beautiful signs but there's another way that you can make wood signs you can paint them to give them a more natural sort of realistic look now the first thing people think when I say painted wood sign is hand painting and all of the skill that's required to do that no no we're going to do it a better way who are going to use a vinyl stencil that we cut out on our Cricut cutting machines so we can paint exactly what we want no more and no less now one of the challenges with stenciling paint on a wood sign is bleeding it can be tricky to get the paint to go exactly where you want it and not bleed under the stencil what signs usually have uneven surfaces and this can cause the paint bleed it's more likely to bleed but I know a secret and it's called Mod Podge a little Matt mod podge of your stencil before you paint will do wonders and I'm going to show you how to do that in this tutorial it's easy so for this vinyl stencil technique you're going to need some permanent adhesive vinyl in any color matte Mod Podge do not use glossy acrylic paint a wood sign I'm using this 12 by 6 inch wood board that came prehung with the rope but you can use any board as a flat surface or can be flattened with sandpaper you're probably don't want to sand and stain it to prepare your sign fans you know you don't have to stay stain it you're going to want to probably seal your wood afterwards you paint it as well other things that come to mind that a useful are brushes cosmetic sponge is bleeding tools and of course you're going to want your cricket cutting machine I have prepared three stencil designs to show you how to cut apply and paint your stencil and you are welcome to use any or all of them for your projects the designs for all of these would signs both the ones you see here an extra one or over my blog at just head on over there and look for the red bar at the top of the screen and under libraries click enter the library if you have a password yet for it you can get one free on the same page once you're inside the library the fastest way to find any file that looking for it is to search the page for it so command F or ctrl F and I recommend you search on would sign you're looking for vinyl stencils for wood signs and you just click that link right there and it downloads to your computer or device and you can go ahead and open it up and this is what the files look like inside there's SVG's DXF s– and pdfs the SVG is what we're going to work with today and I'm going to show you how to upload that to Cricut design space so for step two you're going to prepare your stencil design file for cutting we're going to do this in Cricut design space we're going to upload that file that we just downloaded so we click on upload then upload image and browse and we're going to look for the SVG file and click open once it uploads click Save to save it to your Cricut design space account and then select it and click insert images to actually put it onto your canvas this is what it looks like when it first comes in I'm gonna make the screen a little smaller so we can see everything there's three designs in here happiness is homemade dear Santa define naughty and joy you get to choose what you want to make or course design something entirely yourself I'm going to make the happiness is homemade assigned so we want to hide or delete the other ones that we don't need the easiest way to do that is simply to go over to the layers panel and click the I icon to hide the ones that we're not playing to cut just like that so we're left with happiness is homemade I make this a little bigger you really could just go ahead and cut it up as is it's already sized for the sudden the sign that I plan to use it for now you should double-check the size of your sign just to be sure if you need to resize it you can use the resize handle here in the corner to move to make it bigger or smaller let me get and do that now we're making a stencil and stencils will behave a little differently than normal vinyl will because we're going to be weeding the opposite of what we would normally weed in a stencil and I'll be showing you that but to make that easier on myself and to make it easier to Center my stencil onto my board I like to create a bounding box that's the same size as my board and to do that you just click on shapes and click square and then you'll want to size the square to be the same size as your sign so my sign is and I'm going to size it up here so it can be exact it's 12 inches wide and I believe is five and a half inches tall so I need to click the lock icon right up here at the very top and then I can change the sizes independently of one another so I'll change the height to five and a half inches so this is what the size of my sign right now so I'm going to change its color just because it helps me visually and I'm going to send it to the back so I can see so awesome this is what my side won't look like and you can see it's not centered right now on my sign we're gonna change that select both of these layers so that your sign layer and the square rectangle that you just made and go to the align menu and choose Center right here and your rectangle and your design will Center perfectly you don't have to guess at it now if we attach these two layers so we don't even have to click anywhere elleven to click attach just like this we get this and this will cut out perfectly for our needs and you'll have a stencil that you can align right on to your board without any issues or guessing or anything like that alright so all we have to do is click make it now because my board is 12 inches long and I am choosing to make that box my stencil is also a little bit too long for my cutting mat which is not a big deal because I have a longer cutting mat just keep that in mind if you don't have a longer cutting mat you may would not want to do it this way but I do like okay thank you for warning me Cricut and we do not mirror adhesive vinyl so there's nothing to do here I live then click continue and now we just connect our machine and we choose our material click browse all materials and I'm just going to search on vinyl and I just want to use premium vinyl right here this is exactly what we want and then click done and I like to set my pressure to more and that's it that's all we can do now let's head over and cut this out step 3 cut out your custom vinyl stencil for your wood sign using a green standard grip cutting mat place your adhesive vinyl face up on the cutting mat and load your fine point blade into your Cricut machine now just press the flashing button when you're ready to cut and give it a little time to do its job when it's done unload the mat flip the mat over and peel the mat away from your vinyl step for weed you cut vinyl stencil design now it's time to take away the excess vinyl from our stencil but it's important to remember that a stencil is the opposite of a normal vinyl design because you're going to be painting your design onto your board that means that you are actually leaving the negative spaces and taking out the positive spaces so as you watch you'll see here that I'm removing what we would normally be putting onto a thing but we were leaving them here so that our paint can come through right so it's the opposite it's a negative of what you would normally want to weed just keep that in mind and follow my lead and if it helps to think about it remember where is your paint gonna go your paints gonna go into the places that you were moving right so you want the paint to go probably where your letters are and or your images so you remove your letters and your images while you're weeding it now you want to put transfer tape onto your project so we can transfer it to your wood board and I recommend that before you put your transfer tape onto your vinyl stick it to your clothes to make it less tacky and easier to lift when you go to add the vinyl to your wood sign it'll just save you some headaches you don't need to be super sticky step 5 apply the vinyl stencil to your wood sign line up your vinyl on your wood sign because we made that bounding box that's the exact same size as our sign all I have to do is put that piece of vinyl exactly under my sign lining up the sides in the bottom and I don't have to worry about it being centered because it already is and use a scraper tool to apply the vinyl to the wood it's important to get all of the edges of your vitals scraped down really well because this will seal your vinyl to your wood and you really want that in order to get those nice sharp lines when removing the transfer tape be careful not to lift any of the interior parts of the letters just go slow and if you see any of those little bits pulling up just put it back down and then you know you might need to use up the the tip of a tool to like make sure that it like comes off or stays or whatever onto your design step six modpodge your vinyl stencil on your wood sign using a paint brush apply a coat of matte Mod Podge to your sign right over your vinyl you really only need to put it on the the negative spaces the places where your paint is going to go the Mod Podge helps prevent the paint from leaking and bleeding under the vinyl now you don't need to go too thick here but you also want to be careful about going too thin what you see me doing here is just right now it's important though that when you apply your Mod Podge make sure that you're coating it in all directions you want it to be going into all of the cracks and the thing is is that Mod Podge is transparent so if it bleeds underneath the vinyl stencil we won't see it so it's not a big deal now be sure to let this layer of Mod Podge dry completely before you move on to your next step I let my Mod Podge dry for one hour and it was actually dry well before that it really depends on how much you put on and also depends on the conditions in your environment you could also just let it dry overnight to be in the safe side step 7 paint your wood sign after your Mod Podge has dried it's time to begin painting I like to use a paintbrush specifically a stencil brush to apply the paint and I like to use the pounce method the pounce method is where you keep your paintbrush straight up and down and you dab it onto your surface and up and down motion you don't brush it into cracks at all this is a stencil technique and this is one of the ways that professional stencil stencil errs get really really awesome results the pounce method I'll show you I'm going to hold the sign up so that you can see it from the side and so you see how I'm just coming right down straight unto it and I'm just touching the surface and then coming right back up it's just sort of bouncing with pressure so it's pouncing I don't know if it's actually that's why it's called that that's how I think of it it's bouncing with a little pressure so that the paint stays on there and you just do that all over your project and it'll leave a little bit of a pad or a texture so you can use a cosmetic sponge to very lightly dab at it and smooth things out do not brush with the cosmetic sponge just dab it so you're pouncing with the sponge – it just has a more uniform surface just make sure that you get your paint over all of your negative areas – all of your letters and all of your images and wait for the paint to dry before you move on to the next step my paint dried in two hours so it didn't take very long you're of course welcome to let it sit longer if you'd like and you can also add an additional layer on if necessary now the one layer will give it a kind of kind of transparent kind of aged look which I really like especially for a wood sign but if you want something more solid you could do two or even three coats just be sure to keep those coats light it really depends on the look that you prefer step 8 remove the vinyl stencil after the paint has dried slowly and carefully remove your vinyl stencil removing the vinyl in the opposite direction of the wood grain helps to avoid unwanted paint from lifting use a weeding tool to remove the vinyl from the inner part of the letters I had no issues removing any of my vinyl until I got to this center of my letters and it was the Mod Podge had it so well sealed that I at times kind of had to dig in and so at a couple of the corners though there's like a little bit of it like a divot where I had like a really dig in with my weeding tool just keep that in mind now I'm not a particularly good wieder he might be much better than it at it than me that that was the only problem I had at all with this project and honestly now that the vinyl is off I really can't even see those little divots where I had to really work at it to get the centers out now there may be times when you lift paint when you remove your vinyl from the sign if this happens it's an easy Fix depending on how much of the paint was lifted so you can use a straight pin and dip it into the paint and then patch it up this any spots that lifted when the vinyl always removed so like if you like in those spots where I had those little divots I just took my paintbrush and just put the tiny off a little bit of paint right there so that to cover up let me know where I dug it my weeding tool alright so here it is it's finished the stencils off and look at those beautiful sharp lines it's just it's a sight to behold they're so crisp and clean and no caffeine haha just kidding but seriously they look fantastic and I love it and I love this technique and we made another sign this one we stained first so you can see the difference between a non stain and a stain well the sign came with some stain but a more vibrant stain step 9 tsylia would sign and if you want you can seal your would sign with a spray of polyurethane I sprayed mine with matte polyurethane because I wanted to retain the old-world weathered look of this really quaint sign but you could use gloss or satin if you wanted the idea is that if used the acrylic sealer it'll protect your surface and it'll last for many years to come wasn't that amazing I was so impressed with the clean sharp lines of the paint after I took this stencil off I had to think I could close-up picture and in this silently took a few hours from start to finish I wasn't even working on design the whole time this was a fun project with awesome results just be sure to use that matte Mod Podge and be sure to use your pounce method with your paintbrush and just think of all the signs that you can make now if you've got any questions at all about how to make or use vinyl stencils on wood I want to help leave your question below this video or ask over in our Cricut crafters group at jennifer slash cricut crafters there you will find a whole community of awesome crafters who are happy to share their advice and ideas with you and don't forget to enter my crickets giveaway going on right now you can enter for the chance to win your very own cricket cutting machine get all the details over at Jennifer slash cricket to giveaway and I believe that's it for today tomorrow I'll be back to show you a really cool and fun paper craft that my daughter is helping me design I remember I'm always open to your project ideas if you can tell me what you want to make I can show you how to make it until next time this is jennifer maker reminding you to craft the life you love [Music]

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