How to make the Wiffle Cube: Woodworking project

today on wooden stuff we are going to make this really awesome wiffle cube so sit back grab yourself a cold drink let me show you how it's me I've built these down to 1/4 inch and extra wide piece of scrap is used of 2-0 in the miter gauge at exactly 90 degrees at this point each piece has three of its four bevels the fourth side does have a bevel but it's in the opposite direction and it will soon be trimmed off and the piece will become square with four bevels I've got to find the center of only one of these pieces the you you our next step is to cut all the corners off of the cubes so each cut will go from Center to Center to Center cut off at a forty-five degree compound angle so the table saw blade is still tilted at 45 degrees and I'll use a simple jig to hold the cube at 45 degrees to the bling screws work great as clamps to hold pieces still while the glue is drying but sometimes like in the case of jigs they screw might be where your blade is going to cut through and on this jig odds are the blades path is going to be right through that screw so now that the glue has dried let's pull the screw oh and now we can use the jig always always check or you just might be sorry each corner requires three separate cuts make your first cut rotate the piece and make a second pass rotate once more and make the final cut you you you

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