How to Make Standing Desk || How to Make Adjustable Desk

hi guys welcome to this video and in 
this video i'm gonna make a new desk because as you can see my 
old desk is broke already   so let's do it so I'm gonna make this 
table in my backyard so I just got   some woods um old woods from all construction of 
my backyard and I guess I still can use this wood The desk foot design is very simple the complicated one is the locking mechanism These are the parts of the feet this bar will stand like this and this one on the other side There will be sliders on the bar for adjusting mechanism NICE! I need to pre-drill the wood bar before nail it The wood bar was hard and my nails always bend if I don't drill it first This is the sliders that I bought online about $15 I bought 4 sliders for the desk It's about 20 inches and it looks like assassin's creed hidden blade LOL :v This metal bar is the locking mechanism I's time to install the sliders on the desk foot Also the metal bar Oops…

I guess I need to buy a new saw It's perfectly fit I need this wind chime a a part of the locking mechanism and also this big nail This mechanism looks not worth it but, trust me it works! This soda can used to hold the windchime on the wood bar I use a metal glue for stronger built This wire used to unlock the locking system Yes that's right, I use rubber band to lock the nail This is the problem that I found after making the locking system the left foot is higher than the right foot Problem always appear when you finish the work I need to scrape the metal bar to make it fit Now it looks good The middle bar is depends on the size of your desk this is where you can unlock the nail when adjusting the desk height See? This is how it works I'd like to color it black because this desk is for gaming, so dark color is good This pad help the desk to stand on slippery ceramic floor This board size is 75 CM X 150 CM I bought it about $15 I put removable sheet on the board So, whenever I get bored, I can change the sheet color This is for foot rest I added it between the desk feet this is so confortable Happy Quarantine Day! all right guys this is it my new gaming desk   obviously this desk is adjustable 
so if I want to stand I can easily raise it up and I can play like this if this too high I can put it a bit lower 
and perfect if I want to sit I can put it   all the way down and sit it also has a footrest 
which is very very epic alright guys thanks   for watching this video if you like this video 
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project in the future as always stay creative bye

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