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When your significant other shows you a Pinterest penis and wooden wall art and asked if you can make something like it for them Damn it. You make wall art It just so happened that Mother's Day was also approaching so I thought I would show you how I made these easy weekend wall art panels, they're perfect for a Mother's Day housewarming or just general gift or To appease the powers-that-be in your house I've yet to make anything from stock big box lumber on this channel and this project seemed like the ideal candidate So to make one panel, I'm making two you'll need just 4 1 by 2 common boards or if your big box store just so happens to have no clue where they're 1 by 2's are despite their online inventory saying they have 253 like mine and you Have a table saw you can get away with ripping down one by sixes to one and a half inches wide.

I Recommend giving everything a good sanding while it's all still in nice long manageable pieces My attempt at working smarter instead of harder and it paid off pretty okay cost for wood on this project was roughly 30 bucks Give or take a few cents Which isn't bad for some decent lumber that takes paint and stain well turns out it's slow growth black spruce who'da known After sanding I started working through the cut list over at the miter saw the plans two sets are available for different sizes linked in the description Below call for essentially just a bunch of 90 and 45 degree cuts If you don't have a miter saw this is still possible to do at a handsaw circular or jigsaw Ooh Slow mo Much cooler looking and better sounding and my horrible attempts at singing and dancing Those will be available for your enjoyment at the end of the video When using a miter saw and stop block Especially if your off cuts are very small or the largest piece being cut is wedged between the table laid and a stop block Make sure you wait for the saw blade to stop spinning before lifting up.

Otherwise this happens Nobody in each corner panel is a piece with a perfect point at the tip to make this easy and repeatable I use my dividers to find the center of the wood Mark it then I slowly snuck up on the correct distance before locking in a stop block this way All I had to do is put the piece in cut flip cut again, rinse and repeat on all eight pieces On the stair the mumble rep career After making sure everything was cut and looking right it's time to realize you didn't measure the space where this will go and that you Made them way too big hence, the two sizes of plans So after redrawing the plans and recutting everything it's time to start assembly with the glue up of the frame This is the first time I used Harbor Freight band clamps and they worked surprisingly.

Well, so highly recommended Before leaving the frame alone. I double-checked. It was square by measuring corner to corner while the frame is drying I assembled the center diamonds with glue a combination Square and Brad nose since these joints are ingrained to end grain I added staples to the back for an almost pointless boost in strength They're staples on one side. Not very strong But they seem to help so that's okay because once the wall art is fully put together all the different layers and angles tie things together pretty well I purposely designed the layout of these to have the points of the center diamonds embedded doing air quotes, but I can't see I Figured this would look the best and give more surface area for nailing blues The easiest way to measure and cut this happens to be to not measure at all Simply cut the 45s glue together Center the frame over the diamonds then Mark what needs to be trimmed? And pay attention to nail placement when putting your diamonds together, so you can cut these corners off easily with a handsaw unlike me I didn't do that.

So I cut them off on my bandsaw if you don't have one I highly recommend you get a bandsaw ASAP if you plan to do a fair amount of woodworking probably my favorite and most used tool in the shop a Jigsaw, and patience could work too Next we'll get in the mood and overly hyped about how this project is coming along by making sure to load our brad nailer like Some sort of John wick fight scene Thinking the project through it made the most sense to me to paint or stain the diamonds and frame before adding the bottom contrast layer This way you limit the risk of messing up the bottom layers finish or in my case lack thereof for my finish I used white latex paint mixed with water at a two-to-one ratio For a really subtle whitewashed finish that would allow the grain to show through if you really look for it But not like – hey, I'm trying to be barnwood shabby-chic kind of thing But I like the way it turned out Allow the paint to dry and then flip over and add the bottom layer then Realize that you may not have enough Brad nails to finish the project For the bottom layer, even though it's n grain to long grain joints between the pieces in the frame I still added glue before nailing and made sure to scuff the paint anywhere glue would be going The end grain long grain bond isn't great, but it's better than end grain to painted wood, which is essentially useless Offcuts come in very handy of spacers keeps everything nice and evenly consistent I Wanted to cover up the nail holes on the outside of the frame I didn't mind so much the Brad nails on the inside but the frame nails bothered me for some reason and It just so happens that if you don't have wood putty and you're going to be painting over it joint compound works very well Sanded paint the outside of the frame and you're ready to hang after hanging them up It's time to pay them the adoration of the one you created it or them for.

All right. There you go. What do you think? They're good They're good. Yeah bill. Do I like them? Thank you Contender real true word Shack right, but procreate I'm not a bass So I tried a little better here I Could be brown I could be blue I could be by And we're living That's my paper towel holder and you nailed it underneath your counter Shit.

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