How to Make a Wood Crate from a 2×6

today's show is sponsored by microjig maker of the gripper work safer work smarter hello i'm david picciuto the drunken woodworker and welcome to my channel today I'm going to show you how to make this crate from a four dollar two by six that you can get from the Home Center it's a real quick and simple process it can be used for storage or you can easily stack them and make shelves or you can do what I'm doing here and use them for my display for my craft shows another thing that I like about them is that one will go inside another and you can put one on top for easy storage let's get started I start by selecting my lumber from Home Depot one for dollar 92 inch 2 by 6 will make one crate the first crosscut will be used for the four inside supports the next two cross cuts will be used for the slats on the short ends and then the final two cross cuts will be used for the slats on the long sides now I'll take that piece that will be used for the inside supports clean up one end and then cut four square pieces from it then I'll begin cutting the slash out of the two short side pieces you should be able to get seven slats from each board I'll repeat the process and then cut the slats for the long sides from our two remaining boards again you should be able to get seven slats from each board in total we'll need ten long slats and seventeen short slats that means we'll need to crosscut three of our long pieces down to size this is all you'll have left your scraps which isn't much and here are all our pieces for inside supports ten short slats and seventeen long slats and now it's just a matter of gluing and nailing it all up accuracy isn't important when making the crates but using a piece of scrap as a spacer makes for quick assembly something that I did not show in the video is that I put screws in the top slat and I also reinforced the bottom with a few screws well thanks for watching you can find plans for these crates in the description down below alright be safe stay passionate and make something

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