How to Make a Tealight Candle Holder – Easy DIY Woodworking Project

hi everybody and welcome back to my workshop today I'm going to make a tea light candle holder I've gone out to the dollar store just a pack of 16 of these tea light candles for only $1 so I've also got a piece of red cumaru and it's got some nice wood grain so that's going to make a nice tea light candle holder I've created a design so let's get started I'm using this 3m general-purpose 45 adhesive and I'm going to spray it on my template and then stick it on my board now let's go to the bandsaw and loop it on our dust mask and safety goggles and turn on our shop vac for some dust you all right I've cut real close to my line so now I'm going to use my spindle sander to sand down to the line my template has crosshairs in the Centers of where the tea light candles will go so I'm just going to use a hammer and nail and put a small dimple right in the center of those crosshairs where I'm going to drill holes now let's go over to the drill press these two light candles are just under an inch and three eighths in diameter so I've put a inch and three-eighths Fortuner bit in my drill press so let's drill the holes I've adjusted my drill press table so that when the drill bit is all the way down it goes into the wood have the correct depth you now the candle holder is all cut and the holes have been drilled I can remove the template I'm going to use this piece of scrap to cut a couple of feet to go on the bottom of the tea candle holder I've got all the pieces cut for the tea candle holder and now it's time to glue them all together okay the candle holder is all glued up and I'm gonna take some sandpaper and sand it nice and smooth now I'm just going to spray it with some clear satin lacquer after a few coats of spray lacquer and some buffing I had finished the candle holder and all that's left to do is to put in the tea light candles that fit just like that this is a very simple project this one took about an hour total time and you can make up your own design and make it hold as many tea light candles as you want so go build one and I'll see you next time you

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